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Published: 03 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

International Palms Resort Hotel – THEFT I wanted to share something with you all that may prove to be useful one day – if you ever travel and stay in hotels. In July I travelled to Orlando to participate in an event I sponsored there. The event was held at the International Palms Resort on International Drive, Orlando – a hotel very popular with families because of its close proximity to all of the theme parks. During my stay I continually place the DO NOT ENTER sign on my door as I have had personal items stolen before by cleaning staff at hotels. Despite this – staff continually entered my room without knocking and at odd times of the day (no cleaning required so not sure what they were looking for). On the last day of my stay I packed my belongings, leaving out my toothbrush, lipstick, my watch, necklace and a dress for the day and shoes. Twenty minutes later I returned to find my door jarred open, a man with a cleaning cart at the door with an arm full of sheets. He had entered my room, saw my personal belongings, stripped the room anyhow and was on his out of the room when I caught him. I gave him a mouthful about entering my room as the DO NOT ENTER sign was still on the door. After changing into my clothes and doing my teeth I went to put on my watch and necklace -and found the necklace gone. I am talking about a 30 inch 18 carat (australian gold is different) heavy chain with a solid gold 3 dimensional heart with 32 diamonds on it. Valued at $5000 more than ten years ago. More importantly – my children gave it to me. I immediately accosted the man again – but he couldn’t speak English. Three months down the track – I have made 78 phone calls to that hotel – and had only one returned. I was told NOT to file a police report at the hotel liked to handle things IN HOUSE. Today I was told by the insurance company that the hotel said that I had filed no police report so must be lying about the theft – OF COURSE I FILED A POLICE REPORT!!! I was told by the insurance agency not to call the hotel anymore, that they were denying my claim because “sometimes things just disappear”….. my dear – gold does not just disappear…… I was also told by the hotels insurance agency that I signed an agreement when I signed into the hotel – agreeing that they were not responsible for any loss UNLESS I logged everything in when I checked in. That means – if you have an iPhone, iPad, computer, wedding ring – cash – anything that gets stolen from your room – unless you have given a full list of those items when you check into a hotel in Florida (also many other states) and the girl on the desk who is usually rude as she has 20 other people behind you trying to check in – unless she signs a statement saying that you had those belongings with you – then you cannot hold the hotel responsible when their cleaning staff steal your belongings. It took me two months to get a copy of that paper that I signed when I checked in and it said no such thing! So now they are resorting to the Florida Inkeepers Law – which states that – if the hotel cleaning staff who enter your room every day – who at THIS hotel are NOT checked for criminal history at the employment stage – if they rob you blind – you can only sue the hotel for $500. To get that $500 is like getting blood from a stone – they will run you in circles, ignore EVERY call and then tell you you are denied because “sometimes things just disappear”. So next time you book into ANY hotel – ASK THEM – what is their policy for stolen property from your room? It could save you a lot of heartache. And ALWAYS watch what you sign when you check in …. .

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