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Published: 12 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is a review of the International Property Swap or which is a website where at this time I could find about 950 properties worldwide that are looking for swap-barter cashless permanent home ownership exchange deals. This is not a report of a scam or any kind of rip-off, but just a review of a website and the service based on a personal experience. One must pay the 29.99 British Pound fee (~US$51) in order to list their property and to contact the property owners. My experience with their website was less than positive. The website is ridden with bugs and inconsistencies that prevent people from finalizing all the most important tasks, such as having their listing approved and contacting other members. Some of the properties listed for swap appeared not really for swap or were sold long ago although they do have a Disclaimer on that. Data entry fields on the website do not work properly, as for instance the email address field always “saves” the phone number instead and the password recovery function almost never sends the recovered password (even if we check the TRASH box, check the upper/lowercase rules and do all other stuff that we are instructed to do and from our own extensive knowledge). After paying the fee one must still wait for a day or two until they are able to contact the swapper (which is very rare in today’s internet) and there are only several hundred properties on the entire site for the entire world! The fee is way too large for this industry as per our opinion as it comes to a whopping US$51 for viewing just 900+ properties around the world. Contacting property owners is another matter. We were never able to achieve this task as our account was never activated due to the hidden attitudes that the site owners have. There were multiple problems on the website, which we addressed (selflessly with screenshots and detailed descriptions provided to the webmaster) and yet they treated us as an annoyance (and not as sincere helpers) and refunded the fee without activating our listing and without even letting us login to their site. Very early in the process the login to their website was stopped and we were unable not only to edit our listing (which for some reason they kept), but also were unable to contact any swappers nor log into the account. Every attempt to spot and point out the multiple problems of their website were met with offers to refund rather than to fix the problems. So instead of addressing the problems on their webite they chose to refund and keep their website ridden with bugs and problems. Since the current existing listings do not get much traffic due to all of the above, this website is NOT RECOMMENDED. As per their correspondence: “We like our clients to be 100% satisfied with our service, and understood from your earlier e-mail that you were not, and had requested a refund of our fee of £29.99.” So if you spot any problems on keep in mind that they will refund your fee rather than fix the problems, because you MUST be 100% satisfied (kiss their shoes or leave attitude), otherwise you’re out. So if you still want to use their website, make sure you have already a 100% satisfied subservient attitude, and keep in mind their website may not work for you, and keep quiet, do not complain, but simply take the refund and leave. So, in any case, it will not work most likely, so why bother going there. Final conclusion: NOT RECOMMENDED.

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