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Published: 14 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to this school in hopes of starting a new career at 46 years old. I went in very skeptical and Janet acted a little put off at the very specific questions I was asking. I asked her about getting a job after I was done. That was, after all, the reason I was there. Not to line their pockets with more money. I asked her how did the job placement work after I was done and she said they would “”place”” me somewhere and that they had a lot of regular places they worked with to place their new graduates. She said they would call them, set up the interview, and then speak with them again after the interview and go from there. That never once happened. The places she printed out for me to go apply at were all places off the internet, like Craigslist, that I had already saw, and never once did she call them! I asked a couple of those places that Janet claimed had “”contacted”” them for bartenders if that was true and they both said no. One place even laughed and said that “”school is a scam””. I knew at that point I had been scammed. I tried over a month to get a job with no luck. Janet insisted that I must be interviewing wrong, or wearing the wrong clothes or makeup, or any other lie she could think of to put the blame off on me. I can promise you, there is no rebuttal that neither her or big mouth Beth Merrill can come up with that is the truth and will get them off the hook for being a big fat rip off!! If they try to hide this report or put up a rebuttal, rest assured I will come right behind them and give a rebuttal right back. If I can save one person from their rip off con artist tactics then it is worth it. Do not go to this school. It is a joke! Save your $895.00.

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