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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I own a manufacturing company and last year I heard about the factoring companies and wanted to join with them so that I could increase the cash flow in the company, so after some research, I called this company named Interstate Capital. As being a fresher to the idea of factoring they guided me well about factoring advantages over the traditional and online lenders. But at that time, I was unaware that I was going to cut my own feet myself. After listening all the advantages of the factoring, I decided to go with their factoring company.
They provided me with the list of services which they will provide and we decided the advance on invoice which they will provide to my company. We started the business on very good terms but after some time they started to send less advance rate on which the deal was finalized. I ignored it twice thinking that why to argue with and there might be a genuine problem but I was unaware that this company were committing fraud. When they started to give less advance on regular basis, I called the company and I got a very unpleasant replies and they started side stepping my queries.
At that very moment I understood that I was being scammed by this company so I involved my attorney to resolve this issue. The issue was resolved after a month but it was the most horrible experience I ever faced in my time of business. Their representative doesn’t know how to talk with their customers, doesn’t know how to respect them. They just feed you sugar coated lies to earn your good faith and then after some time use your trust and back stab you. After experiencing such horrible services and repulsive behavior I would never suggest your name to any other business firm in my contacts.
Leaving aside the staff working for them, their supervisor is so pushy and has such an odious behavior that you cannot handle their repulsive replies to your any query. They don’t respect your valuable time and keep on delaying your advance till you threaten them with some lawsuit. This company shows something else and at the time of delivering what has been promised they back off. This is sheer fraudulence and how can people trust you with such unreliable services. On
On the first visit I made it very clear about the advance on the rate of advance on invoice you had to pay and your employee assured me with everything but after some time u started making calls about decreasing advance rate and started harassing my company employees. What do think you are doing? This is my money and you are just there to collect it and pay me advance on it and you started to deny that also.
Once the case was settled by my attorney, they started calling my firm repeatedly. Then I requested them to remove us from their caller list but no relief. They kept on calling and calling. When we put their number on the reject list, they started to call us from unknown numbers and kept on disrupting our work and wasting our useful time by useless calls. Just stop calling! Find someone else to eat, some fresh bait, I have known all your tactics and don’t think that I would do any further business with you ever. Just stay away and leave my business alone.
I also got so many calls from my clients that your factoring company has started calling them again and again and has started harassing them to pay early to them. What do you think how these clients are made and how their trust is earned? It takes so much time to make your clients happy and from the last year when I included you, I am just getting complaint from my clients about your repulsive and odious behavior. What do you think that you will not pay for this and just get away with what you have done? Remember business only increases on the good faith of one’s company and your company has not only lost the respect but also assured that I will not recommend your name to any other company for these services.
The way you feed sugar coated lies to your customers and try to get the customers on the hook will soon be over. All the companies will know your real faces and your time of committing frauds will be over soon. Just wait and watch.

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