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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Jason

If you are looking for the right company for transportation consulting, then you should strictly avoid the company called Interstate Creations when it comes to trust and reliability. Although Interstate Creations claims to have been serving the trucking industry for more than 20 years but during that time, they have never owned or operated any successful trucking companies. Interstate Creations does not make their services according to the needs and wants of each client. They are also good at breaking promises made to their customers. I really don’t know how many people have been cheated by Interstate Creations so far, but based on my friend’s opinion; they cannot be trusted by anybody. The experience which my friend had with Interstate Creations as an employee was a rather forgettable one. I just hope that no one else gets victimized by Interstate Creations in the future.

Do not be fooled by the misleading words of the CEO of Interstate Creations, Mr Joshua Venti, who claims that the success of the client is at the heart of the business as claimed to be the motto of Mr Venti of Interstate Creations. However, Mr. Venti does not feel that it is critical to listen to his clients and respond properly and professionally, by always putting his clients first. The personal business philosophy of Mr Venti seems to be the fact that he does not strive to add value in service and he does not understand that a successful business model is based on value-added services and client care. Interstate Creations is one of the worst transportation consulting companies in the industry. Interstate Creations also does not take care of all aspects of the service in a timely and cost effective manner. The customers of Interstate Creations are not satisfied at all with the responsiveness that the employees of the company which shows us that they are not serious at all about their meeting commitments and delivering on their promises.

According to Mr Joshua Venti, Interstate Creations is a transportation consultant that assists clients to create their own trucking companies. Joshua Venti had also claimed that his company helps clients in getting their trucks, drivers, trailers, insurance and make sure they are compliant free, follow all the regulations and help them pass their audit. Interstate Creations is a family owned business that has been in the trucking business for three generations and began consulting in late 2016. The leads for Interstate Creations are mostly obtained through ads placed on Craigslist and on similar websites. Mr. Venti had also claimed that the sales and services process for his clients would talk to you I would tell you what he has to offer to tell you what you could possibly make. What he also does for his clients just so they know it is not a setup and he gives them references. Interstate Creations also does not have clients that have trucks on the road. This shows their lack of sincerity and dedication to serve the needs of their customers. As I had mentioned earlier, Interstate Creations is an irresponsible company which should be strictly avoided.
The employees of Interstate Creations have also said that they do not feel confident and happy doing their job, so it is evident that Interstate Creations does not take employee satisfaction seriously at all. Employee feedbacks reveal comments such as Mr. Venti is not concerned at all about their contribution to the company and providing growth opportunities for us. He neither listens to nor communicates with his employees or clients. This clearly shows that, customer satisfaction is not one of the main priorities of Interstate Creations. The work environment of the company is also very unhealthy, according to one of my friends, who was a former employee of Interstate Creations. My friend also said that Interstate Creations does not even recognize the fact that the complaint posted are issues that need to be addressed, and not be ignored. They do not realize the fact that the complaint can be valuable learning opportunities, if they are handled correctly. Even with the feedback generated, Interstate Creations has still not made any organizational changes which would have allowed its clients and employees a more coherent approach to resolving a problem and a commitment to a great client experience. So, based on my friend’s overall experience with the company, I’d definitely not recommend Interstate Creations to anyone. Do not waste your time and your hard earned money on dangerous companies like Interstate Creations.
There is another major point that people must also know about this company. A very few people are actually aware of the father-son duo scams that they remained hidden for quite some time. Christopher F. Venti was charged with $7.1 for a serious high-yield investment scam. Venti was accused of running three companies at a time Secured Strategies LLC, Viewpoint Solutions Group, and American Finance Investments for collecting money from ordinary people by assuring them a 15 times money back offer within the first 20 days of investment as demonstrated by FI. This scandal was first unleashed in New York. Allegedly, Venti was enjoying the money as a part of the $7.1 million which was quite a handful of money.
According to sources, since 2011, Venti was running the illegal operations under the veil of the three companies Secured Strategies LLC, Viewpoint Solutions Group, and American Finance Investments. During the time of his arrest, Venti was running the Secured Strategies LLC. All his bank records and telephone details are tracked from his Hamburg residence. Venti even admitted after the arrest that he used the funds of the investors during different times even for personal expenses. He even admitted that according to the court using the money of the investors is illegal and he admitted that he did wrong by using the money of the investors for using the personal expenses.

According to FBI and genuine sources, Venti looted more than $1.1 for his personal pleasure. He brought a luxury car, cleared his mortgages, paid off credits and bills and enjoyed the rest of the money. So why on earth should you collaborate with such frauds!

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