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Published: 24 June 2018

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I am not a pissed off customer just a person that knows the truth about Warrant Direct Inter State National Dealer Service. The first thing is if you believe them when they say to file a claim just take it in to the repair facility of your choice they will contact claims they will approve it when they finish they call back and we pay them with a cprporate credit card Thgink again They will pay after repeated calls to argue with the claim denialo even when it is clearly a covered part. One of there clients told me that we paid claims eventutuly after she fought with them and pointing out the part in the contract. Another thing is they will tell you not to believe in sites like this that they have legal litigation aganist these sites but go to the BBB a trusted reporting agency. YEA RIGHT I have seen there BBB drop to no rating no acredidation and with the stroke of a pen on a check the next day Whow A+ Acredidation back every thing. They also tell you they are the largest administrator of warranty coverage in the nation doing between 12-14 thousand new contract per month. Warranty Direct is lucky to do 850 per month any other contract are sold by Interstate Nationakl DEaler service or one of the Dozen brokers of the same coverage. The strange thing is how can a broker of the same coverage sell you there coverage at a lower price and often offering better levels of coverage such as Hi Tech When the supposed direct administrator charges you more for the coverage and is unable to offer coverage that Interstate National sells but Warranty Direct Cannot sell it. I Thought they were the direct to the public division of Inter State National Dealer ‘Service. The reality is Warranty Direct is nothing more than a broker themselves and in order to be non competitive with interstate and the Brokers of the same coverage through the same company They charge more and have less options than companies they call Brokers. I am sorry but is it just me that thinks something is funny here, I thought they said they were the largest direct admnistrator in the nation and don’t forget Canada. Another thing is Yea they sell in California an insurance state You know they had to stop selling certian coverages because they were loosing so much money in California there sales has went from a total of 100-150 per month to if they are lucky about 40 contract per month. In fact they are so worried about profitability now that they have changed there marketing, curtailed the number of sales a sales rep is able to do in order to cut down on commission. and where they used to push for 900 to 1000 deals per month are now happy with hitting 700. A long way from the 12-14 Thousand new contract they say they do each month. Because of lack of profit and Warranty “Direct being such a small piece of the Inter State National Pie You have to wonder why they are still here. Seems like it would make more since to close that division put the money spent on a loosing segment of the company into a area that clearly is more profitable. The powers that be at Wlarranty Direct are running scard because it has been years that they have seen Red on the bottom line. It has even gotten to the point they are looking for ways to cut back on the staff. ‘Even if they have to fabricate a reason. Another joke is the customer service division in Charlotte. It is manned by 4 people 1 on Sat and no more than 1-2 from 6-8. With hundreds of calls mostly complaint a couple of peoploe cannot answer all the calls. Anyway I am not a Pissed of Customer just someone that hates lies deception and false claims of a companies ability in order to sell higher cost coverage with a lot of Fluff. One other thing as far as being the largest direct Administrator in the Nation. Take a look at Murcury or Zurich these are the largest and they have a no Fluff approch. They don’t have to emblesh they have a great product at a fair price. So when Warranty Direct tells you there the largest or they do from 12-14 thousand contract per month call there bluff. Maybe the fact there doing so much bussiness is the reason they are considering moving to a smaller facility because they cannot afford the location there in. You can only see red for so long before any smart company wilol cut there losses when you only account for 7-8 hundred new contract out of the 12 thousand and are loosing money you may not be a necessary piece of the pie. Not Pissed off just cold Facts St

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