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Published: 12 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am writing to report fraudulent actions by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group and Intuit/Turbotax employees regarding my $6394 income tax return. In short they will not give it to me. Santa Barbara Tax Products Group colluded with intuit/turbotax to defraud me of my $6394 federal income tax return. The scam happened as I was finishing up my tax return on the turbotax website when I authorized Turbotax to take their fees from my federal tax return. At the next step, I was asked if I wanted to have them buy amazon gift cards with part of my refund. I said zero. (actually it is a sliding scale from zero to the whole amount and I slid it to the zero end of the scale). I have been attempting to retrieve my refund for about a month now, but they refuse to even discuss it with me. I believe the transaction or the software is fixed to not allow a customer to say zero. Or someone in one of the 2 companies changed my selection. Either way someone acted together secretly to achieve a fraudulent, illegal or deceitful outcome and they are holding my refund as hostage. Please help me solve this theft by doing a report on this and it would protect the public from the same fate as I have experienced. .

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