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Published: 25 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Intuitsolutions advertised e-commerce website design services at a rate of $950 for approximately 10 hours of work. The work includes 1) website design/redesign 2) analytics improvements 3) increasing conversions using analytics 4) search engine optimization (SEO) improvements. They accepted 50% payment up front, and proceeded to make changes on the website as agreed. During the process, they made website design changes that were not agreed on (displaying Product SKU, increasing size of Categories, and including their website link on the entire website). All of these changes hurt the website display and SEO. They also determined after 4 hours of the 10 hours that was agreed upon that they were unable to improve/change the analytics, so they completely wasted 40% of the time and money on nothing. They did not increase conversions in any measurable way, and instead gave me advice on basic, elementary customer service topics. They did not increase SEO in any measurable way, and instead hurt the website by including their company link on every page (which I later removed). The final straw was when Dan Coyle, the representative who was working with me, decided to download and re-upload my products in a CSV file. Before he uploaded the file, he failed to check and make sure that the UPC and other number columns were properly formatted to include all numbers. This is a very basic and common-sense action that must be taken before uploading thousands of products into an e-commerce website. Further, Dan Coyle failed to create a back-up file before he made this massive mistake…again, a tremendous lack of care and common sense. As a direct result, I was forced to spend nearly 12 hours of my time recovering the products that Dan Coyle of Intuitsolutions messed up. I brought the issue to the attention of Mr. Dan Coyle on Feb. 26, 2014, to which he immediately admitted the mistake and took full responsibility. When I requested a refund of the first payment of $475 for lack of providing agreed-upon services and further causing damage to my website, he responded that he would instead provide data collection/writing services for 10 hours to make up for the mistake. My credit card was immediately charged for the remaining $475 after I complained, which I did not approve of, nor did I agree that the original service was completed. This is blatant fraud. After repeated attempts to receive these newly agreed upon services over the course of 3 weeks, Dan Coyle of Intuitsolutions consistently blew me off and refused to provide any services. He finally stopped responding to me after March 18, 2014, at which point I filed a chargeback dispute with my cc company. During the dispute, Intuitsolutions has provided blatantly false information, including claiming that I was satisfied with the services (which I clearly was not), that I never contacted them with a complaint (which I have email proof of, and have submitted the entire conversation to them), and that I agreed to the final payment (which was contractual ONLY after I agreed that the services were provided to my satisfaction). Intuitsolutions is a fraudulant company, owned by Brian Antczak and Jared Lenz. They do not understand the first thing about customer service, and their employees, namely Dan Coyle and Zach Bluett, are completely unqualified to work on websites, and are certainly reckless with sensitive information and data. .

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