Fooling Inventors and Stealing from Innocents

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Published: 14 July 2019

Posted by: Tom Benes

The scam starts with an advertisement by Inventhelp. I saw that their advertisement was offering a stage for making your innovation known to the entire world. Inventhelp’s website and reviews claim that it would assist you in promoting your plan and gain you large returns. Their advertisements impressed me and I signed a contract with them. I sent my contract agreement to the company for a free review. After a few days their consultant informed me that the thought was an artful culmination and after examining the capability of the thought, they would be glad to work with me. I paid $600 for the research report. They even propose that they would discount the cash in case the research report is negative. Their arrangements are misleading. Once the report is fruitful; they request that you make the most astounding installment for enlisting for the most noteworthy benefit for the creation. It begins at $2000 and can go up to $12, 000. By paying $12, 000, you get 90% offer and it diminishes as the sun goes down. 

They allure many of the investors to pay the most astounding sum feeling that they would gain millions later. They do not tell their investors about the risks and challenges related to the invention. The lies continue and therefore the salesperson is well trained to create it sound money making. Many people, including me, have lost thousands of dollars because of Inventhelp. I hope my experiences and other people’s reviews will help you realize the truth behind Inventhelp advertisements.


   InventHelp is a fraud – My Experience




I was impressed by Inventhelp advertisements so I ended up signing a contract with the company in late 2017. They gave me deceitful hopes. They trap you by their tips and tricks and then take your money. Inventhelp is a popular name in the industry and that is why it’s vital for you to check all the facts before you make any decisions in this regard. I did not research a large number of lawsuits against Inventhelp that have been filed over the years. I did not even pay attention to scam alert pages and news reports on the internet. One fine day I called their client representative office and requested them to cancel my account. I tried hard but they refused to cancel my account as it is against their company’s rules and regulations. I completely understand that client sales representative cannot help you in this regard so I stopped calling them. Inventhelp traps you by their tips and tricks and drags you along with a lot of free ‘copy and paste’ submission paper. They even called me and their paid attorneys kept on giving me deceitful hopes until my agreement reached its end. They do little research to let you know whether your creation is really producible, not to mention beneficial.

Who is making a profit? The answer is simple its only Invent help. Do your research on the internet and do not believe the charming offers and hopefulness they show you. They are a fraud and they just want to sign a contract with you. People can find online that their benefit value is less than 1%. I wish I knew this before signing the agreement. So I suggest if you have a real idea, save your money and execute it with the help of real manufactures.


Others’ Experiences




After my incident, I went through the internet and found out many new people who have faced the torture of InventHelp. InventHelp has removed most of the complaint from the internet but some people were too brave for them to scare and those complaint are available to read. 

Try not to call this company they stole my idea and will take yours as well. They do not care about their clients’ profits and losses. Inventhelp is a sham. Please do not trust Inventhelp. complain on InventHelp

On 11/20/2015 I signed a contract with Inventhelp and paid an aggregate of $15,995.71 for acceptance of my invention. They claim that my submission will be gone into a Databank for organizations to survey and according to the agreement I assumed to get quarterly updates, starting today 1/16/2019.  I actually have received three generic items of paper language that no corporations were inquisitive about my invention; there was no reasoning or follow up and that I solely received when I filed a complaint against them. Inventhelp is a fraud. I will surely take legal action. complain on InventHelp 




My involvement with this fraud team is awful! They are creating hundreds or thousands of people and they don’t get caught. Inventhelp has been cheating people for a number of years. I have lost thousands of dollars because of this company and the unfortunate fact is, I am not the only one. I am deeply disappointed because I lost my hard-earned money. I am planning to take legal action. on InventHelp

Fraud and plagiarism

    My young brother and I came up with a concept known as inhalant dose counter. We saw an advertisement about Inventhelp on television and how they would enable you to get your invention out. My brother drew the graph and we sent it to Inventhelp. We were then informed that they would help, yet we would need to send them some cash to get a working model. This was in 1995 or 1996. I was not earning at that point of time and I was unable to send the cash. I am now beginning to see inhalers in both dry powder and in fog structure. Inventhelp is a scam. They stole our idea of fog inhalant. My brother and I demand compensation.

    I got a call from Inventhelp and they invited me to Atlanta. They wanted to talk about my invention and wanted me to sign a document. I discussed it at my workplace and luckily one of my friends told me about their scams. My friend saved me.

    After taking your hard- earned money they rarely respond to your Emails and calls.

Taking lots of money/no results

    After signing the contract I met loads of people from the company. They liked my invention and told me that it had a good impact on heating, cooling, and storage. They helped me in getting a loan after paying cash. They took money out for three long years with a lot of interest. After taking my money they did not respond to my calls and Emails. Inventhelp is a scam. I lost thousands of dollars.

    The same thing happened to me. I kept paying them for two years. And after taking my money they did not answer my calls.


InventHelp /misleading

I talked to a representative from Inventhelp about the idea of the stack -flashing. They liked my idea and I paid thousands of dollars for the submission of my invention. After almost a year I found out that they stole my idea. Do not trust Inventhelp.



 I went to Invent help with an idea. I paid for five years with a lot of interest. In the end, nothing worked out in my favor. I lost my money. Please do not pay attention to their advertisements.


InventHelp/Patent idea fraud

I reviewed all the services offered by Inventhelp. I paid loads of money for submission of my idea. They ensured me that I have a market and that the idea has not been patented already. After a week they invited me to their office to review the results. Their results showed that my idea was patentable. I chose their premium package and paid additional cash. After taking the money they started to ignore my calls and messages. And after more than a year I received a rejection letter from Inventhelp that my product is similar to other products in the market. I looked at the internet and found out that my idea is in the market since 2004. Inventhelp is full of fraudsters.


Inventhelp/Paintbrush and roller

 I submitted my idea to Inventhelp ten years ago. After a few days, they called me and told me that my idea was outstanding and they can easily sell it. And wanted me to sign a contract with the company after paying the submission fees. Ten years later after taking my hard-earned. They refused to talk to me. They cheated me badly. Do not trust Inventhelp.


My Idea/Zip locks on dog food bags

I submitted my idea of putting zip locks on dog food bags. They liked my idea and wanted me to pay them $1500 for marketing the idea. I did not have that amount of money at that point in time. So I paid half of the amount. After a few months, my friend went to superstore and saw zip locks on dog food bags. They stole my idea. Inventhelp is a fraud.


InventHelp/Fraudulent Business Scam

I built up a thing and needed help starting since I did not have even a notion how. I saw an ad on TV about an association called Inventhelp that claims they can get a creation up and going in this manner. I discovered them on the web and contacted them. I reached their regional arrangements and met the boss. He organized a get-together at a Jacksonville, Fl office. I displayed pictures, outlines and a foul anyway helpful model. I was given reassurance and exhorted that I would need to pay $746.00 for a fundamental information group. I paid him and following a month I got an extraordinary looking book with around 75 pages of dull spill that was much-reordered information. He sorted out another social event and uncovered to me I had an alluring thing which he was told could be made for $3.50 each and sold at $19.95, anyway, he figured we could get more. It would be an extreme measure of detail here, yet he revealed to me I could make millions, anyway I expected to agree to a convenience plan and pay $10, 900 to come up with assistance, he proposed I pay $5, 000 on a credit card and they would charge my Visa $258 consistently for the rest. On the primary page of the understanding, it communicates that I agree to pay Inventhelp the remainder of the equality.

As a general rule Inventhelp got paid for the rest of an advance organization that made an incline toward me that I thought nothing about, I thought I was paying Inventhelp in regularly scheduled payments by enabling them to charge my Visa as the principal page on the agreement expressed. After a year I got a call from a credit organization, all-inclusive installment company in Pittsburgh, saying I had been allowed a one year intrigue free advance, however, the one year was up and on the off chance that I didn’t pay the equalization of $3, 111 before the month’s over they were going to charge me $346 back. In the event that I had not had the option to pay, I would have been paying them far more than the amount they told me about. They also told me that they will have to take legal action against me. It is terrible enough that Inventhelp lied by placing me in the red, yet then they gave me to an installment processor so they could get their hands in my pocket moreover. I am certain numerous clueless cheerful designers have been gotten up to speed in this racket. I am going to seek a legal claim against those guys and their company.


Marketing Idea

There are a huge amount of things I could list however more or less they did Not Provide the Services We (my brother and I) paid them to do. Furthermore, they stole our ownership of innovation and they actually took out cash from my brother’s account enthusiastically without lawful authorization! Alright, for instance, we needed to hire a photographer only for the photograph for our pamphlet. Their photograph did not even remotely resemble our model and they said on many occasions, “that is the best we can do”! With another model, we needed to compose what went out to PRWeb on the grounds that their method for clarifying our thought resembled a fourth-grader’s art! The video they turned out with is the erroneous shade of Blue and its light blue. We asked consistently, “is that the Best you can do, notwithstanding when your fringe is the imperial blue that is what the model resembles?” They stated, yes that is all the better we can do, we don’t have the shading you need! So now the video is humiliating most definitely, and gives the off-base impression by and large! Along these lines, that and their rundowns they convey to organizations. We frequently wonder, would they say they were truly sent? Furthermore, assuming this is the case, accurately? The frightful portrayal of your idea, in addition to the fact that they treat you like you’re the inconvenience creator, insolent!


Final Thoughts




Only 2% of all licenses have benefitted. In any case, if you enroll an advancement promoter – your chances of advancement are zero. Be splendid and take risks yourself instead of taking the help of such dangerous fraudsters. 

As protection – basically demand that any development publicist exhibits to you a copy of a real prominence check from a specific creator – and after that – you will never get a warning from them again. This article has been made for individuals with new musings who reserve the privilege to know the truth of this dark business. Thus, if it’s not all that much of an inconvenience you should head in this direction. You would lean toward not to be re-scrutinizing this article in about a year and kick yourself for being so straightforward. At last, be careful with supposed “shopper issues” and “business departments” sites that are paid a charge by creation firms to show a phony 5-star audit. Likewise, most development advertisers make their own “grumbling sheets” (under genuine sounding names) and compose 5-star surveys for themselves that are only lies. 

Try not to be tricked by tricky YouTube recordings that are breathtakingly intended to make the hallucination of fruitful items and fulfilled customers. Additionally, don’t be intrigued by absurd creator expos that are only a display to cause you to accept that the organization is effectively showcasing innovations. 

Makers do not permit developments at public expos. Truth be told, the introduction of your development at an expo risks your patent rights. The main concern is: whatever a development advertiser gloats about is intended to pick up your trust, and they do that to scam you.

I have done the part by writing this article; will you do yours by sharing it?

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