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Published: 25 February 2018

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BILL FROM OHIO you should be contacting the federal trade comission, attorney general office, pgh pa the list goes on where to report these sort of scams. Please dont walk away. The people on this forum is a very long list, & goes to show how many people have been affected. Just google INVENTION MARKETING SCAMS, INVENTHELP SCAMS, you will find who to file your complaint to. It is very surprising, that so many people have lost with these invention companies, & they cant be closed. Why cant the investigators do a thorough , internal investigation, where their income comes from. For instance, the employee from any of the invention companies, does his earnings, or royalities earned, come from THAT NEW INVENTION confided in him at the invention company?? I was a victim, lost a lot, suffered alot, and if I ever find out this man who led me to believe, he told me that my idea would sell within the year, then suddenly he said he never promised me anything, my idea is being sold everywhere today!! IF ANY OF THIS MANS INCOME, ROYALTIES, MONEY IN THE BANK CAME FROM any IDEA, THAT HE STOLE FROM anyone, FOR WHICH HE SUBMITTED TO A PARTICULAR COMPANY UNDER HIS NAME, or another name and NOW GETTING HIS INCOME from stolen idea, all these years anyone suffered, then law has to step in. That is why it is very important that an investigation should be done at the invention company as where their money is actually coming from. In other words who pays the employees at the invention companies?????? Where does the money come from??? .

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Jasmyne A. Duval

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Kristofer Brown is a deceitful, lying, twisted loser of this world. Scamming, scumbag extraordinaire

Kristofer Brown 212 N Lamar Ave Haysville KS 67060 United States +1 316-461-8305 What can be said about a fuckn loser like this dumbfuck

Company is a scam. Do NOT give them your money

Do not waste your money. This company does nothing they say they will do. They treat you with no respect. Customer service is horrible.

I’ve been scammed

Placed an oder with little playland that cost me over $50. Oder was not what i ordered, try to reach out through email. Email don’t.


Wanted to make a loan and they kept have me send in more money for legal fees and taxes on the money. Everytime it was we need to to pay

John J Hartman

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