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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This person named Jon Scott that has this elaborate scam going is one of the most defile dirtbags ive ever met. He promises phone records and other information and he provides nothing. The only thing he has is the information you provided to hold over your head to keep you quiet from reporting him as a dirtbag while he parties his life away with your money. After having some unfortunate issues in my life that left me completely vulnerable he took complete advantage. After I confronted him for scamming of my money he said “well ya should have known better”….lol. He has all this made up tape recordings of fake people praising his service and trolls the net throwing his name wherever it will stick to convince the next poor vulnerable soul. He has the total marketing thing down pat. So you can search phone records anywhere on the internet and a lot of times it reverts back to his web site. Once he has your spouse’s numbers and their “friends” numbers he has you over a barrel so when he runs off with your money you can’t say anything. Total scam…. This piece of human garbage laughed at me for sending him money gram after I confronted him of being a crook. So yeah I was an idiot… But I’m going to make d*** sure everybody knows he’s a crook. .

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