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Invidia Tax Craig Hoffpauir David Mcbride Review

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Published: 11 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Nevada Alexander is the owner of Invida Tax. She previously worked at Miguelitos Tax and teamed with another former employee to steal money and personal tax information of many customers. Sonce being fired she opened Invidia tax office and continues to rip people off. She hired David Mcbride, Craig Hoffpauir and Barrett Ringness who alol used to work at miguelitos tax last year. David takes personal info for your return and then uses tax act to steal all of your money! He will disappear and change his number so you can’t track him down. I have filed many complaint with the IRS against him And he is under tax investigation. He doesn’t do taxes in his own name so that wen he is caught it won’t be bad for him but he is wrong about that because he has scammed to many people. He steals ur kids info and uses it on other returns to get mknwy for hisself. He smokes heroin and spends all your hard earned moneu on drugs and hookers after tricking u into giving him your info. Craig Hoffpauir was the manager of Miguelitos taxes. He will also take your kids info and ads it to a different return so that he can get paid off of your kids! He also pays people to sell their kids so that he can profit off of it. Last year he pulled a gun on a customer who found out he was getting scammed. The man confronted Craig and was assaulted. He was selling drugs out of the tax office and using drugs there as well. He is the definition of a crackhead and a fraud. If you give him your kids information he will most likely use your kids on someone else’s taxes. He tried placing all the blame on the owner of miguelitos so that he would take the fall for everything Craig did. He hires people to work for him that all do the same thing. craig then worked at lone star taxes and did the same thing there! He cannot be trusted! Barrett Ringness is one of the guys that works for him. He also does crooked returns and steals your kids to put on other people’s tax return So he can get the money. all of these people are drug addicts and thiefs. They use tax act to do returns instead of doing it through the company they work for So they can steal all your money. They charge you way higher than what you should be charged because the pocket all of it themselfs. the company is owned by a greedy scam artist And u will get audited! Personal experience. Doing your taxes with them will be the biggest mistake you’ve ever made! Theu deserve to be shut dwn .

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