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Eyesight is no joke. But for Invision Eye Health is truly is

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Published: 02 May 2019

Posted by: John Sparks

Eyesight is no joke. But for the people at Invision Eye Health, maybe it is. They have a terrible staff which lacks even the basics of common courtesy. And they have low-quality lenses and frames on offer. If you could go someplace else, then that would be much better than this place.

I had been going to that place for some time. But I hated every minute I spent there. Mainly, it was because of their poor reception and customer service. Most of the times, I had to wait for 30-40 minutes after the allotted time for the appointment. So, the first time, I had to leave without meeting the doctor.

In my second appointment, the doctor told me that I’ll need to get Persols. They told me to get frames from them. Let me tell you, DON’T EVER BUY FRAMES FROM INVISION!! These people sell low-quality, cheap frames at high prices. The frame I bought got widened and used to fall down. So I ended up going back to them. Again, I had to wait for around half an hour for this task. The receptionist was quite irresponsible and doesn’t even care to greet anyone. It shows how less they care about their patients. Anyway, when I got my frame replaced, I didn’t quite get rid of the problem.

The second frame had the same problem. The lenses, on the other hand, had a whole different lot of problems. After a day or two, they became blurry. I cleaned them but they were still blurry. Later, I found out that the lenses actually melted in the sunlight. So apart from the service, the products were terrible too. I had to buy the Persols from Costco. And the lenses, I had to buy them from someplace else too.

When I had shared the issues of their glasses, they replaced the products. But the issues were still there. I guess no one gets their lenses or frames from these guys. It’s either that or these people are trying to make money by selling knock-offs. All in all, my money got wasted. First, it got wasted in the appointment, then in buying those lenses and frames. Terrible customer service only made my experience worse. Waiting for 30-40 minutes even when I had arrived on time, was quite irritating and exhausting. Whenever I used to inquire as to when the doctor would be free I used to get ‘Just wait’ in response.

I am certain that if this place doesn’t improve its practices and terrible quality then they will shut down in the near future. They don’t treat their customers properly, they don’t handle the appointments well and they give you knock-offs for lenses and frames. I would never go to this place again and I would urge you to do the same. I only wasted my time and money here. The market has plenty of good optometrists and opticians. You don’t have to rely on these people for anything. You’ll only lose your money.

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