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Published: 10 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

What an absolute joke for a company. I have l over in my house for two years, and nothing but problems. Now that happens, to me it’s all about how the company handles them. Invitation homes customer service and management is no only terrible but the companies they hire to fix issues is even worst then them. They have sent out contractors to fix a reoccurring leak in my roof, I had to get irritated every time I called it in because they constantly drug their feet. Then the reoccurring part is because they send companies out that fix everything in a cheap way so that they have to keep coming back out and you must keep taking off work. | One roofing company took my boyfriend’s materials and used it to fix the roof! There has been a company that came to fix something with the drain, needed to go to Home depot and then never came back, for other issues I was told I’d be contacted by a contractor on another issue and the contractor decided just to show up in the morning without calling and wanting to work. When I moved in there were nails all over my yard. One went through my shoe into my foot after I called their maintenance staff to come out and clean their yard up, luckily my dogs didn’t get injured. | The worst one of all where this unprofessional company actually let their negligent self be a health concern: we had a pipe just in one of our bathrooms. When we had gotten home there was probably about 70 gallons of water which went through the flooring and into the crawl space below. We notfied the company, we told them its an emergency and someone needs to get out right away because after a 24 hour period we will have hold growth. They drug their feet again and the whole floor was covered wall to wall with mold because of their negligence go fix a important problem. | When after we told them their was mold they still weren’t in any hurry to get someone out here. I told them at the time I had a 6 month old and threatened to report them and fix myself and Bill them and they only referred me to my lease where I can’t do that. It took FOUR DAYS TO GET Someone out knowing there was mold now! Them their third party companies they sent out said they weren’t given permission to rip out the subflooring and a couple other things to do the job correctly. | So now to the best part. Since Invitation Homes rents most of the rental around me. I decided possibly just staying one more year before we buy a house. Well I called into the office a few days ago wanting to know when I would get my email about how much and when I have to make a decision by wether I would like to stay or not. No call back, I called back yesterday and I was told they were not renewing my lease and it was a a management decision. Really? So I’m the one here who pays 1474 a month never in the two years I’ve lived here have a had a late payment and I’m the one who has had to deal with the issues I have to point of one that was a health hazard and you are going to tell me I have to move! I hope people realize this companies true colors. I was told the supervisor would call me yesterday and again no call. It sounds exactly like retaliation not being willing to renew my lease which is illegal.

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