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The dentists are incompetent and money-hungry thieves.

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Published: 25 June 2019

Posted by: Oswaldo

Iris Dental isn’t the place you’d want to visit for any dental issue. They messed up my simple treatment and cost me thousands of dollars in recovery. If you’re searching for some good cosmetic dentists, then avoid this place at all costs. That’s because I had visited this clinic for getting a cosmetic procedure done. I didn’t think they’d be this incompetent and irritating. I swear, if I had known about their reality, I wouldn’t have bothered to visit this clinic at all. They are scammers because they lie about their expertise everywhere. They aren’t a group of experts. They are just a group of malicious thieves. The worst thing is, I had no idea they were thieves. I had visited Iris Dental to get dental veneers. I hoped I’d get some high-quality treatment, at least that’s what they claimed on their website. I didn’t think they’d be incompetent and so useless. They were a wasteful and dangerous expense for me. If I had trusted them with my general treatment, I’m pretty sure I would’ve lost a bunch of teeth as well. They are so inexperienced and dumb that they even damaged y teeth during the veneering. The veneers took a week to prepare and when I finally got them, they didn’t look the way they were supposed to look. I complained about them but the dentist at Iris dental told me that I shouldn’t worry and that I was overreacting. According to him, I just wasn’t used to seeing my teeth with the veneers and that’s why I was freaking out. I’m pretty sure now that wasn’t the reason why I was freaking out at that time. But I put up with it anyway. I thought he was right because he was the expert after all. Well, the veneers made my teeth look different for sure, but after a few weeks, I began to feel a stinging pain in my teeth. It used to hurt whenever I drank or ate something cold or hot. And it was worsening. I went to my general dentist who told me that I had developed sensitivity in my teeth. I didn’t know if that was possible because I maintain proper hygiene. Well, he told me that the reason for the sensitivity in my teeth would’ve been the low-quality bonding agents these people had used. So, the chemicals these guys used on my teeth were harming me. I had to get the veneers removed and I’ve been undergoing treatment for that teeth sensitivity. I contacted these people to discuss my issue but they didn’t take it so well. According to them, I was blaming them for no reason. They also said that only I was responsible for my teeth’s condition. I would’ve trusted those guys for a moment but I maintain proper oral hygiene and even my dentist was surprised to find out I had sensitivity. Don’t bother to visit Iris Dental, these guys will make your life hell too.

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