Irish Bentley Lawyers

Irish Bentley Lawyers

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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Zeke Bentley from Irish Bentley lawyers is, without doubt, the most incompetent and corrupt lawyer that Brisbane has ever seen. While it is easy to write thing I am actually going to back up everything I write with facts so people reading this can check things for themselves and not risk being involved with this despicable man who assisted someone in defaming me and tried to ruin my business and my life. | Zeke Bentley was the lawyer behind the bikies challenge to the new bikie laws that were brought into Queensland. He went on television saying how he was going to take on the Government in the High Court. He charged the bikies over a million dollars for legal fees and then when the matter went to the High Court it was immediately thrown out as Zeke Bentley had filed the proceedings in the name of someone who had no right to do so. Needless to say the laws were never changed and all that happened was the bikies wasted a million dollars. Incredible but true. | Zeke Bentley’s website proudly claims they are “prominent tax lawyers” and “tax law specialists” but a search of the Queensland Courts website shows that Zeke Bentley was sued by the Australian Taxation Office in case number 2993/15 for over $300 000 for unpaid GST and income tax which he didn’t put a defence in for which means he was guilty of tax evasion. He was then sued AGAIN by the Australian Taxation OFfice on the 4th September 2017 in case number 3316/17 for over half a million dollars in unpaid tax which he again hasn’t put a defence in for which means he is again guilty of tax evasion. This amount remains unpaid. Does this sound like a lawyer you would want handling your tax affairs when he clearly treats the Australain Tax Office with contempt? I’m sure when Irish Bentley’s name is mentioned it makes the Tax OFfice go harder on whoever Irish Bentley are representing. | Zeke Bentley pleaded guilty to swearing false affidavits which can be looked up in case number 7562/16 in the Supreme Court of Queensland. This was also reported in the media. | In 2013 Zeke Bentley represented Paul Klerk and Brent Thompson who were being sued for defamation. Bentley lost the case and his clients were ordered to pay FOUR TIMES MORE than any other defamation case in Queensland. | On Irish Bentley’s website it states that Irish Bentley lawyers was established in 1974 when a basic ASIC search shows the business name “Irish Bentley Lawyers” was first created on the 14 March 2003 being a 30 year difference. | Zeke Bentley also likes to make up fake awards that his firm has allegedly won but in fact is a complete lie. Could you imagine a law firm whose owner is being sued by the Australian Taxation OFfice for over half a million dollars being awarded “tax firm of the year”? Of course not but Zeke Bentley proudly advertises that his firm won this award along with 8 others from a magazine called “Acquisition International” but a google search shows no trace of that award being given to Irish Bentley Lawyers. What it does show is Zeke Bentley has paid for an ad in that magazine where he gets to talk about himself. Zeke Bentley even has the audacity to send you to their website but when you do a winners search for Irish Bentley it comes up with “no results”. This shows the audacity of this man. | Zeke Bentley also claims he won “migration law firm of the year for 2017 from Finance Monthly but, again, a search of the magazine shows this is not true. | Zeke Bentley claims he won “migration lawyer of the year” from Lawyer Monthly. Again, this is not true. | Zeke Benley claims he won an APAC award for “excellence in tax law”. Again a search shows this is not true. | Zeke Bentley claims he won a Corporate Livewire M&A award for “construction and property law” but again no trace can be found. | All up Zeke Bentley claims he has won 13 legal awards on his website but none of them link to any outside website and none of the information can be proven by a search or reading the relevant magazines. | Lawyers are administered by the Legal Services Commissioner in Queensland and a search of their webiste shows Zeke Bentley was found guilty of professional misconduct in 2016. | With thousands of lawyers available in Queensland does this sound like a man you want representing you? Zeke Bentley has a network of other lawyers, barristers and liquidators he does illegal stuff with including a barrister called Michael Lawrence and Bill potts who is the head of the Queensland Law Society. | I could keep writing for hours as this man’s reputation as a shonk is so well known in the legal community but I will stop here. If you intend to hire this man or his firm I urge you to do your research as to everything I have written as it is all true. Do not use this man or his firm! |

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