The IronFX broker no longer pays its traders and affiliates

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Published: 28 January 2019

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Have you heard of the IronFX broker? This is a broker offering traders to invest in forex and other financial markets, this brand belongs to the company IronFX Global Limited and its president is Mr Markos A. Kashiouris. We strongly encourage you to stay away from this broker as much as possible and not to use its services. IronFX is a broker which was serious a few years ago but which is obviously turning into a scam.

Is the IronFX broker a scam? YES !

The answer is yes, for us, there is no longer any doubt about the IronFX broker, we can now classify it in the category of forex brokers to be avoided and those who have no qualms about defrauding private investors and professionals as well as the affiliates with whom they have worked for many years. Some traders have paid the price and have sometimes lost several thousand euros with IronFX, but this is also the case with our Forexagon website as we will explain to you.

Complaints from traders about the IronFX broker

Our doubts about IronFX started when a few weeks ago we received several testimonials from traders by e-mail, telling us about their mishap with this broker and the fact that he seemed to no longer want to pay them. Some of these traders had a few thousand euros in their IronFX trading account (sometimes a lot more) and their withdrawal requests were no longer processed by the broker, we tried to help these traders but our communications with some managers of the IronFX broker, with whom we have been partners for several years, have not made it possible to recover the money from these traders.

IronFX no longer pays traders and affiliates

When we realized that all of this was not normal, we immediately stopped promoting the IronFX broker on our website and have the broker and its links from our forex broker review . The broker IronFX therefore seemed to no longer pay the earnings of its traders and it seemed that this broker who was once a no-problem broker had become a con artist.
At Forexagone, we had a trading account at IronFX, we wanted to test and withdraw the amounts of money that are available on this trading account. The money accumulated in this account includes some old commissions as well as gains made in trading. We have attempted multiple withdrawal requests for these sums of money over the past few weeks and it turns out that the withdrawals were never successful.
Our fears about IronFX turned out to be real and we are now convinced that the broker IronFX is a scam, that it is swindling its clients but also its long-time partners. The broker has cut off all communications with us, no longer responds to emails or messages.
We are therefore going to prepare a series of articles and probably short videos about the IronFX broker in order to keep the French-speaking community informed of this scam which most likely represents millions of euros in sums of money defrauded from investors and affiliates, we will keep you informed of future articles by e-mail.

Avoid the IronFX broker scam

It goes without saying that fully accepts this article and has no problem denouncing the fact that the broker IronFX is defrauding traders and affiliates.
Fortunately, not all forex brokers are the same! There are some really bad ones, like IronFX, but there are also some really good ones. Speaking of good brokers, we are referring to authorized and regulated brokers, for example the best forex broker of 2018 which is XTB . Turning to one of the authorized brokers like XTB allows you to speculate in the financial markets through a serious intermediary and also allows you to benefit from free PXTR training , the training that allows our trader to be financial independent.
Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, whether relating to the PXTR strategy or about IronFX. If you have been a victim of IronFX, you can also leave us your testimony in a commentary and let us know if taking collective legal action together could interest you.

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