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Published: 04 December 2018

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I received a call from Michael Williams (an Indian guy with an American name) in or around August 20, 2014, saying he was from the National Institute of Health in Washington, DC – (202) 657-6331. He said that I had been approved by the Obama administration to receive $20,000 in grant money because I was an oustanding tax payer with no criminal record. He said that I had been selected by the Obama administration due to my age and my demographic area. He told me that I could use this grant money to pay off bills, srart a new business, etc. Then the guy transferred me to Harry Carter – (205) 578-7437. He is also Indian. Harry seemed very professional and nice. He said that he was from the IRS in Birmingham, Alabama. You can even hear operators in the background, which makes it sound very authentic. Harry told me that he wanted me to pay a $227 ID verification fee in the form of a money pack, which he said I could purchase at the CVS pharmacy near my house. So I complied, thinking that I would get all of this money into my account. I never applied for a grant, and some things sounded fishy, but I thought it was real, so I sent Harry the money. The flags went up when they said they worked on the weekend, plus the fact that they were all Indians with very American names. Then he told me that there is a wire transfer fee because the amount is over $20K. He said the wire transfer fee would be $699. He also stated that I had to get another money pack, since the government does not accept money over the phone. Then he called me on a Saturday to tell me that I needed to pay taxes on the money before they would release the funds. He said the tax was $822 and that my state required taxes be paid up front. Harry Carter said that once I paid the taxes, he would put the money into my account within 35 minutes after I sent him another money pack. Alls I had to do was send them the money through another money pack. I thought that I better pay the taxes on the money so I wouldn’t be hit with them later. Then I got transferred to another Indian guy named Clark Davis (469) 250-5907 who said he was with the IRS for my state and that I had to pay him the taxes of $822, but that as soon as I did, I would get over $20,000 into my account. After that I got another call from Richard Johnson, another Indian guy who said that my credit score was low and it needed to be over 680 in order to receive the money. He said that if I paid another $900 that I would get a release letter sent by him to the IRS that would clear my credit rating and allow the money to be transferred to my account. He had an Oregon cell phone number. This excuse was the final one that made me believe it was not real. I told Harry that I did not have any more money to put into this, so he told me that he would personally put in some of his own money if I would come up with $600 more. He promised that this would be the last money pack before he would release the money. Harry swore on the bible that this is not a scam. He said that he was an honest person and that he would never rip anybody off. He told me that I would be so proud once I received the money and that I had to trust him. Also, he kept putting me on hold, which I think is so they can collaborate with one another. I slept on it and prayed about it, because I really did want the money, but realized that I had already spent over $2000 and I couldn’t afford to spend any more. I asked for an email address and a proof of receipt for the money I had send him the last 2 times. Harry said that he couldn’t give it to me because he worked for the government and that is how they worked. Too many red flags for me, plus I felt sick that I was out all of that money and didn’t receive a dime in return. I never applied for a grant. Also, grants don’t require such exhorbitant fees up front. The IRS is only open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. Nobody answers the phone at the IRS. You have to make an appointment there to physically talk to someone. I asked why they were working on a Saturday. Harry said that they had so many people to process that they were working overtime. I did not give these people any more money. They all swore up and down that this is not a scam, that they work for the Obama administration with the Dept. of Justice and the IRS. They have you believing that it is for real and that you would get this money. Before you know it, they have taken hundreds of dollars from you and you end up with a bunch of empty money cards which have been spent and cannot be traced. I hope the right people get wind of this and track these guys down before they rip off more people!!!

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