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Published: 21 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was on the Island Breeze on April 12, 2014 for the morning sail, I was the only women located on the first floor playing roulette in a white flower top, when your dealer called for the last hand table closed. The dealer/helper then reached across the table and raked the all my chips away from in front of me and walked away. I inquired about my pay out and was given the run around. by the time we reached the dock I had spoken to 2 pit bosses, who both gave different stories on who could view the security video. One said he looked at it and could not tell if I was paid out or not the other said they were not allowed to access the video and Homeland security would have to look at it, so I then contacted the homeland security agent who verified that he would have to view the video and then the homeland security agent left to look at the video, he returned and verified that my chips were taken and not CASHED out, but the pit boss still refused to make good on the amount of money I was owed saying they could not tell the exact amount in the video. He offered me free boarding passes and drinks. I had several hundred dollars (350+) in front of me and if you review the video will see that I just hit double zero’s for a rather large amount. To think that this was allowed to go on with the proof on video and the ship or security still did nothing puts a very bad taste in my mouth. I am hoping that this is just an isolated incident, but got the feeling by the way I was treated that this is some sort of scam the ship is running because they were not at all bothered by the dealer and helpers actions nor did they call them over to verify that they had taken my chips or paid me out. There was such a lack of respect twards me and they acted if I was a bother when I was not satisfied with there answer and took my complaint to the security agent aboard. This was my first gambling experience and probably my last.. If this sort of thing is allowed to go on knowing that there is video surveillance in place and no one still protects the players.

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