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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

To Whom It May Concern, It has always been my dream to build a Performing Arts School that develops young talent who would not normally have the opportunity. By Empowerment through the Performing Arts and sciences we find there is a great opportunity to assist in providing positive outcomes for the lives of many At Risk Youth. In 2009 I started the “Philly Soul Experience” Based from the Philadelphia clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts. After four successful years at the Clef Club I decided to take PSE & PSG (Philly Soul Gospel) on the Road to begin the Massive fund raising effort necessary to garner the attention of the Entertainment community, provide quality Entertainment While generating the capital we need to build. On 3/26/2013 ISM Entertainment & Terrell Guy Entertainment entered into an agreement by which ISM would secure Brand partnerships at a 10% commission for PSE & PSG 2013 & PSE 2014 National Tour. On 03/26 Deposit was submitted in good faith and the marketing process was described as 90 days from start to finish with each potential Brand. ISM Entertainment very aggressively pursued A deposit for THOUSANDS! From Contract signing to Date ISM Entertainment has avoided all of my Phone Calls. 9/13/13 there was a first deadline set by Ian McQueen he would have secured the first sponsors. However, when I contacted their office by Phone or email no one replied. No ONE EVER PICKS UP THEIR “OFFICE PHONE”. Two days later I was contacted by ” Lori” Claiming to be the supervisor of Ian McQueen. Lori Claimed that Ian had to leave the country due to death in the family. Lori then picked up our account and did pretty much the same as Ian McQueen. All she did was be even more elusive, while delivering broken promises, LIES & more Stalling. Lori made no attempt to make contact or provide any update on the status of our account directly. Ian & Lori did nothing but make us chase them for NOTHING! Our Agreement stated that ISM would Market Brand Partnerships for Philly Soul Gospel in 2013, that NEVER Happened. Then ISM Entertainment was supposed to Market Brand Partnerships for Philly Soul Experience National tour to be launched June 2014. To date ISM Entertainment has produced NOTHING!! Nothing but emails that state they were getting closer to closing deals but produced NOTHING… ISM even claimed to be in the final stages of closing contracts within the legal departments of three brands in 2013! That never happened. I sent both Lori Johnson & Ian McQueen emails asking if our business relationship was authentic as nothing at all had happened. I asked both Representatives if I needed to contract another Marketing company to help pull in the brands, both said no. Ian & Lori NEVER gave the impression that ISM Entertainment was having a problem securing the Brands needed for tour support. Both emails state that there is no need to hire another marketing company, they were both confident ISM Entertainment could secure the partnerships. AGAIN NOTHING! I have personally created tier structures, Generated Marketing leads, suggested brand partnerships, Drafted Marketing Plans. During this process I have done everything accept contact the Companies they claim to have relationships with directly. ISM Entertainment quite simply took my money and left me in the dark. ISM Entertainment took me on a 3,500 dollar one way road to NOTHING! It has been over a year & now we are two months away from the tour and there is nothing to show for our unimaginable hard work, Contracting, Planning, Promotions, Flying to different cities to meet with the convention & tourism burro & shopping for venues. All the various departments & contracted services that are now questioning my business practices. Although nothing happened in 2013 I was hopeful until all communication stopped with a final email from Ian Mcqueen on Jan, 19, 2014 stating that he would call me Jan 20, 2014 because he’d been traveling on business. That was the very last contact from any Representative of ISM. According to the BBB ISM Entertainment Claims that they were advised by legal counsel to STOP marketing to Brands after they read a review I wrote on line about them 11 months into the process. In the review you will find that I am begging people if they know anyone affiliated with ISM Entertainment to please contact me. I have an honest review of my experience doing business and its all documented To date, I have nothing to show for my investment but a lot of emails begging ISM Entertainment to show me something that looks like we are moving forward and ISM has not provided it. My credibility with 30 venues on the east coast is questionable now. With no title sponsors in place I am now receiving emails from venues stating that my dates are no longer available and the others are becoming more distrustful each day. The embarrassment ISM Entertainment has caused is irreversible. If ISM Entertainment would have just been honest about what’s going on we would not be here. For at least 60 days before I filed with the BBB Case 339339. I requested a refund in full. According to the complaint I filed with I have also documented my complete distrust for a continued working relationship as ISM has done nothing but Play me. The more my staff and I research ISM Entertainment’s internet presence & claims of Billion dollars in Revenue generated we have not been able to find any information that is legitimate, not even a phone number that is authentic other than the one on our contract that just goes straight to voice mail.. The offices in other cities and countries have all turned out to be False. Please help us recover the funds we are trying to do something Great for the inner city youth of Philadelphia! ISM Entertainment has taken funds we need to kick start our concert fundraising initiative to build a great Performing Arts institution that will change the lives of so many at risk youth. ISM Entertainment knows building this institution is our mission and sole purpose! Please help us help us! Respectfully, Terrell Guy.

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