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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My son is just 9 years old and due to excessive consumption of junk food and chocolates, almost between every tooth, the infection had spread so quickly that it left a gap between them and it looked so bad when he laughed in front of anyone. So I decided to get him dental bridges to fill up the gaps. After a few recommendations from my friend, I decided to go to Issaqueena Pediatric Dentistry because they had a different section for child dentistry. I thought it might suit the best for my son. I made an appointment directly over a phone call.
I entered the clinic before time so I was told to wait in the waiting room and do the required paperwork. My child was playing in the room because he was too small to sit quietly. Suddenly, one of the staff member came and took away the ball from him and told him to sit down quietly. This was very rude of the staff to scold him because my son was too young and children are very sensitive regarding emotions. He was in a silent mode for the rest of the time.
The dentist called him in suddenly, I initiated with him to the room but the staff members stopped me outside. I requested them to let me in because he was too small to be out there alone with the doctor. The moment he saw me getting away from him he got restless and started crying. The dentist then closed the door from inside. I came and waited in the restroom for a while and was reading a magazine book when I suddenly heard a loud and clear voice of the doctor scolding my kid. I wanted to go in and check out what was wrong but the staff members were stubborn with their decision. This was not at all expected from such a popular place. Then I controlled myself and got back to my seat. No sooner I made myself comfortable I heard my son crying so loud and shouting ‘daddy’ for at least thrice. Now even a storm couldn’t stop me from getting inside.
I rushed myself inside the room and saw that my child was bleeding and was shivering at the same time. I couldn’t even describe the scene I observed. I was very much furious by this time and tried to push the doctor and then asked him why did he be so tough with an infant, to that he replied that it was my kid’s fault and he was being restless all the time. I could see the fear in my child’s face. I took my child away from them and filed a report against the doctor. He was a living beast and the worst nightmare for children. Stay away from such an unprofessional doctor. The staff members too were very stubborn and rude to their patient. It would be a request to prefer a child-friendly doctor rather than getting attracted to any popular clinic where you face these kinds of difficulties.

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