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Published: 07 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to the fox hills mall a month ago to go shopping when i notice a man at a booth with what i thought would be a cool item well boy was i wrong. This con artist was trying to get me to buy 2 of these steamers but i only was looking to buy one so he was explaining to me if i buy two i save this and that vs buying just one. i just only bought one he wanted $60 then when he seen i wasent interested he went down $20 and told me i had a five year warrenty. also he told me to get this item runnin i had to use baking soda to get it up and runining even though the instructions say to use salt. I followed his advice and the first time i used it was okay i guess. The second time i went to use it it was spitting water onto the plug where i can get electrocuted and it was over i turned it off! Turned it on again it does the same thing. I immediatly tried to contact the mall and the booth where i bought it from is not located in the malls directory witch seemed very fishy. Then my second option was to find a number on these people to complain they dont have a number just email. So i emailed them of coarse they appologized and told me they were going to send me a new one just email mail them with my address and the color steamer i wanted so i did. Still have not heard from these people they never sent an email confirmation no nothing its been a month now and i havent heard a word. Im disgusted, angry at the fact how these people are ripping people off and getting away with it. No wonder why the dont give you a refund only exchanges. Be very careful with business that does not allow you to get your money back!something needs to be done and be done fast!

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