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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: danuta piekarzewski

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This man takes you money, promises deliveries and they MAY show up…when they do, they are 4-8 weeks late (supposed to be)

Brent Air Towing

Yesterday my car was towed illegally at a gas station. I parked my car in a space designated for a Shell gas station and an Expressmart in

Liliana L Uribe

Often times individuals suffer from stress related symptoms. I am a true believer of working all 8 dimensions of wellness, financial,

Live Lead Zone

This company is a scam. They will promise you the world when selling you their services, such as saying things like “DNC scrubbing&

CSL Plasma

Why was I. Denied to donate because of a tattoo I’d gotten when I was 16 and now I’m 45. This young black girl so took offense

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Banjo Hangout

I joined the banjo hangout three weeks ago they have violiated my freedom of speech when they locked my topic. My topic disscussion in the

Carburetor and Radiator Exchange

I had a van that was unable to pass the emissions inspection, and I was told I needed to have a carburetor rebuild. I purchased a rebuild