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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have been a customer of IVFMD for over 8 months and for the las 3 months my wife has undergone fertility treatment using a drug called Femara. On November 4, 2016, we went into the office for a follow-up appointment to see if my wife was pregnant she received an ultrasound and bloodwork. The nurse told us that since this was our 3rd time trying under Femara that she recommended an insemination package, we told her we would think about it but we first wanted to see the doctor to see if he was ok with this and then we left her office. | On our way out we stopped by to pay for the service rendered and the person charged us the co-payment of $40.00 (the same as usual). As we were getting ready to leave the office a lady from the front desk pulls us back and tells us that we had to pay for the insemination package if we wanted to receive it on the following week, we stated that we were interested but we needed to think about it and that we needed more information in order to make a decision. She proceeded to tell us that we could pay for it now and use it next month, and that we should take advantage of the special price, therefore we decided to purchase the insemination package and scheduled a visit for 11/10/16 to get training and instructions. | After starting the medication prescribed by the nurse, my wife went to the office on 11/10/16 at 8 am and an ultrasound was performed on her, the nurse never talked about the procedure and requested her to be back on Saturday 11/12/16, as she thought that the egg would be ready for insemination on that day. My wife surprised asked, “so are we having the procedure done now? I thought we were going to see the doctor and let him decide” To our surprise we were already being prepared for the procedure, therefore we decided to move forward with the instructions. | On 11/12/16, my wife arrived to the office and another ultrasound was performed on her, the nurse stated that she had ovulated already and that we missed the chance for insemination. My wife proceeded to tell her that more observation will be required next month when we perform the procedure, the nurse stated that we would have to pay another $2936.50 if we decided to do the procedure again; my wife in shock replies “what do you mean? “We have not performed the procedure yet as I have not been inseminated? Can’t we do it next month the right way?” The Nurse proceeded to say that she was sorry but no refunds for this package, even if it wasn’t performed. This is totally unprofessional. How can they charge $2,936.50 for a procedure that they NEVER completed as no insemination was ever done???? | My wife and I spoke with every person we could at IFVMD Cooper City as well as at their main office in south Miami, stating that we did not want a refund all, that all we wanted was to get the procedure done the right way the following month. IVFMD Cooper City would not agree to do the procedure, insisting that the procedure was already performed. On the week of November 25, 2016, my wife requested again that we wanted to get the procedure done but they refused to do so, stating that we had contacted the better business bureau regarding this matter and that we had already tried to reverse the transaction with Capital One, that they were not only, not going to refund us the money but they will dismiss us as patients as well. | We have tried in every way possible to come to an agreement with IVFMD of Cooper City and we refuse to pay for something that we did not receive to IVFMD Cooper City. Please remove this charge from my credit card and if IVFMD Cooper City wants to bill me directly for the 2 ultrasounds performed I will gladly pay for them using another payment method. | ALL I NEEDED IS TO GET THE SERVICE I DID NOT WANT MY MONEY BACK BUT WE DID NOT GET ANY!!!

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