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Got scammed into buying fraudulent healthcare plan

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: marc

Iyer Health Shield duped me with their time-tested strategy of scrawling across the entire internet, looking for people who are seeking to be enrolled in a good health care plan through new health exchanges. These guys convinced me to buy the Gold PPO plan from United Healthcare for $229 every month. I bought the plan for my daughter and once I submitted my financial details, what I got was not the plan from United Healthcare and certainly nothing like a PPO. This was not even an insurance plan as I found out to my worst shock! This was a membership to a club which offered health discounts or at least that was what I could make it out to be. I tried calling the agent but no one picked my calls. I was in a real soup and continue to be. A fraud report was then filed by me with the FBI and I will also be contacting the Pennsylvania Attorney General. I will file fraud reports at the latter’s office as well. This is blatant fraud and nothing that can be passed off by them as a misunderstanding on my part or something like I failed to understand what exactly they were selling. Why, I repeat why are such companies allowed to function in this market? These guys will end up deceiving so many people into buying these scams.

In fact, several other people have reported the sale of such fraudulent plans from this company. Another person has clearly stated that health insurance quotes were asked online and the Iyer Health Shield person immediately called back. A quote was given for a plan named Cigna health and dental policy. Information was provided in full detail about coverage which included a deductible of $2500, co-pay for doctor visits, other costs, ambulance/emergency transportation free of cost, free access to tele-doctors through online video/chat services, yearly vision and hearing screenings and even a dental plan which came with a promised two cleanings every year and added services at a discount of 50-70%. Through third party identification, this individual went into this contract. However, a general health insurance plan was fully neglected by the company who only enrolled the affected person into a Cigna dental plan.

This just goes to show how they are selling all the wrong plans and promising lots of things but it is the consumers who are getting ripped off. I will do all I can to bring these crooks to justice and I recommend that all of you start boycotting such organizations and do thorough background checks into their history and organizational details. I am scarred from this incident and will never ever take anything at face value again.

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