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Published: 16 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Jeremy Lee Cole Dodgy Building Company Jcole Constructions NSW Contractor Licence : 150692C Start date: 03/07/2003 , Expiry date: 03/07/2014 Registered Address: 17 Cathedral Court, KINGSCLIFF, NSW 2487, AUSTRALIA QLD licence number 711408 BEWARE OF !!! Jcole Constructions : Time and time again this incompetent Gold Coast/ Northern NSW builder or building Company either never learns or just doesn’t care. Jeremy and Bonny Cole have scammed half of the tweed Heads region once again yet still can manage to drive around in their expensive cars and live in their flash home. A couple of tips ! I have never seen 1 happy client ! Do not be fooled by jeremy’s charisma he comes across like a top bloke. Always expect hidden extras The job will never be finished on time Don’t believe a word he says The quality is bad He always talks it up Jeremy Cole over the years has built up a strong reputation for being one of those Builders that you should stay well away from. Jeremy Cole is extremely well known to all suppliers in the Gold Coast, Kingscliff and Tweed Heads region for never paying his bills. He resorts to asking his contractors which in many cases who are his friends to book things up on their accounts which he ends up never paying for . He often uses the excuse that he hasn’t been paid by the owner. In fact that is his excuse nearly all of the time. His employees often go over 6 months without getting paid many never get paid at all. Home owners are usually asked to pay ridiculous extras bills which spring up out of nowhere to cover for Jeremy Coles Quoting errors. The reason I am writing this post, is so nobody else gets hurt by this dodgy Gold Coast/ Northern Rivers Building Company. In Jeremy Coles Last effort on Cylinders Drive Salt Kingscliff 2487JCole constructionsmanaged to go into voluntary liquidation owing more than $240000 Ripping off the homeowner, all of his employees, Suppliers and even the Tax department. Some of these employees of jeremys were his friends and some were owed up to $18000. Jeremy’s complaint was that he wasnt getting paid by the owner once again. Reality was that the owner had paid him everything and the money had just disappeared again.The bad part is that jeremy knew he was in trouble on this job for months and still ordered all of the work to be carried out knowing full well that nobody was going to get paid. Once JCole constructions went into voluntary Liquidation he didnt even tell anyone, not a phone call a sorry or anything. He just stopped turning up, changed his phone number and nobody heard from him again. Somebody saw him at Sea World the next week staying in a luxury villa on the pool with his family. How do people get away with this ? 1st of all people like Jeremy Cole only care about themselves. Then they put all of their assets in their wifes name and the building company in their name under a trust set up. So if the company goes bad they write all of the debt off with the business and they still have all of their assets. I cannot believe Jeremy did this to all of his friends ! This is not the first time that Jeremy and Bonny Cole has cheated and ripped ripped everyone off. Its happened a number of times before they have to be stopped. Why is he still Licenced ? How can he afford his luxury Lifestyle ? The big question is his conscience ? Does he have one.

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