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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I needed affordable work done to fix the rod knock in my car. Jack responded to my craigslist post with a great price. He even offered to tow it for just a few bucks. He gave the impression of a small Ma and Pa type mechanic that just loves being a mechanic. He was very personable and I felt like I could trust him. His assistant wrote me up an invoice for an Engine rebuild, clutch rebuild, and a transmission rebuild. They asked for $750 up front for parts. Since they’re small, they don’t have the liquid cash to buy that stuff. Made sense at the time. After a month and a half of telling me that he was sent the wrong parts, his grandpa died, the machine shop was delayed, yada yada yada, we caught wind that he may be a crook. My brother went down to his shop, but he had been kicked out. The garage owner said that my car had never been touched the entire time and was driven off the lot just 2 days before. This whole time Jack said my engine was out and my transmission was getting machined and stuff. Then he said he needed another $300 for a new crankshaft which he picked up in cash. My brother waited for cops and camped outside of their new garage and watched them working on my car but couldn’t see what they were doing. They had my brothers car to do work too, but charged $225 and did absolutely nothing. When the cops showed up, Jack told them that my engine (which wasn’t in my car magically) was getting work done at a machine shop and he couldn’t pick it up until Monday and they would only sign it over to Jack because it’s in his name under a friends shop “Tinsmith Garage.” I would have to meet him at the shop to get it monday. Though he told me before the car would be ready Sunday. We towed the car home. We decided to call the shop after the fact. Terry, the shop owner, never had the engine. Ever. My brother had a camera wrapped around his neck, recording the whole time, and my engine was sitting in his garage as he was lying to us and the officers. Now Jack says he did work on my transmission and he wont give me my engine back until I pay him another $955. My exhaust heat shield is stuck because the screws are completely rusted through. You can’t remove the transmission to work on it without removing all of that stuff and it’s all intact. He would have to break those off, I know, I tried. He keeps getting away with this because no one takes him to court or anything. He is a danagerous man that needs to be stopped. PLEASE AVOID HIM AT ALL COSTS!!!!! GOOGLE Jack Truex or check out the facebook group Avoid JNT Performance motors .

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