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Published: 17 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Buying the Market or Cornering the Market… You tell me Part 1: Plumbing to Public Relations in O & G Industry There are several reasons why it’s hard to find J3 offices or owners of J3 or Distribution Solutions (Disol). I am one of the main reasons why. I left my name anonymous but for those readers who used to work for me before know exactly who I am for those that don’t I suspect after word gets out a lawyer or two will be contacting me for the exclusive and one heck of a lawsuit. James (aka Jamie) D. Johnson is a cousin by a marriage that ended some 20 years ago and Mark Glowacki, formely employeed by Schlumberger are two class acts.. It all started in January 2012 as I requested for Mr. Johnson to come down to work for me in the Haynesville Shale. Mr. Johnson is a plumber by trade in the construction business. He had a plumbing business at one point in Kansas that fell thru after couple of years so he got a job working for the Union in Chicago and married a tropic tanning contest winner some year or so before. If you read “About Us” on his website www.j3oilandgas.com you will see where he acts as if J3 has been around since 2012. That is a lie. J3 started in January of 2014. Distribution Solutions (Disol) started in October 2013. Mr. Johnson also states they have a family atmosphere at work. Well, if I am family you best look out then cause Fam-Lies is exactly what you will get… I had not kept up with Mr. Johnson for several years but thru a family member of his I had heard he was going through a divorce with MIss Tropic Tan so I invited him to get away from it all and join me in the Oil and Gas business. Johnson is a likable fellow that I can account for but like or not the extreme this man put me and my family thru is unexceptable as you will soon learn. I opened up an office 30 miles south of San Antonio in the Eagle Ford Shale and even thou Johnson had only been in the Oilfield business 5 months I made him Operations Manager of an office that held 112 employees at it’s peak. Yes was that a big mistake. I had employees calling me day and night after I left him in charge in June 2012. I heard it all except that was the problem I had heard exactly what would happen but chose to be blind to the fact because he was so called family and family would never do that, besides I gave him an oppurtunity that he didn’t deserve so the least he could do was be honorable to me and the business he represented. During this so called training that he was in before Mr. Johnson became Ops Manager I introduced him to all the key players that I knew of with this certain client that I worked for. If I had known what I know now I would have done things a little bit different. The difference between Mr. Johnson and I is very simple, I am like an open book and that leaves no room to be dishonest or deceitful and Mr. Johnson is just the opposite. Some people say that’s the kind of person you need at the head of the table so that when things get tough that person can fabricate what he has to or say what he needs to so we can get thru it. Problem is the company I helped build was based on you do what yopu say your gonna do and if it can’t be done tell it before it’s too late so issue has a chance to be resolved. Sometimes people just have that “get er done” attitude and **** safety cause production overrides all at the moment. Now comes the introduction to a fellow that haunts me to this day.

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