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Published: 14 October 2018

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JACK CERONE MURDERED MY GRANDFATHER, AND HIS FAMILY BENEFITED Please excuse some vulgarities in this very short descriptive story. After you read it, you may wonder why I didn’t swear more. You may think I sound condecending and presumptious, but after 45 years we are all frustrated and have nothing else to go on. Jackoff Jackie “the lackey” Cerone (ser-oh-nee?) was obviously a piece of sh*t murderer mobster henchman that took part in a chain of executions during the 60s and 70s in Chicago. All his other a**hole gang affiliates (son included) with thier cute names are also murderers. His son Jack P. Cerone Jr., was able to practice law about the same time my grandfather was murdered. While my mother, uncles, and family morned over the loss of their burned-to-death father, Jack “the lackey” Cerone, Jack P. Cerone, and eventaully daughter Jill Cerone were living it up with a lavish lifestyle attributed by the elimination of innocent businessman/contractors like my grandfather. Jack “the lackey” Cerone killed his own nephew, (Jack jr’s. cousin and Jill Cerone’s uncle). My grandfather was a cement contractor who became business partners with Pat Cerone. Pat had done something to upset his Uncle, or was taking away business from associates Jack was linked to. Pat Cerone was also in the construction business like my grandfather. No one has come forth with the truth why Jack Cerone killed his nephew and my grandfather. I beleive Jack C. Cerone knows the real story why they killed his cousin and MY grandfather. Because of my grandfather being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he became a victim of their family mob bullsh*t, and was burned beyond visual identification. Jack Cerone orchestrated a bogus cement contracting bid to get his nephew in a tunnel underneath a building. Then, him, his goons, or his son tampered with the temperature adjustment device (which was or wasn’t already there) to the purposely seal tunnel. The Chicago Police’s investigation yeilded obvious evidence that the temperature adjustment device was tampered with, and someone sealed the tunnel so well they could’nt escape which is why Pat Cerone and my grandfather were burned alive in the tunnel a short time after being locked in. My suspicion is that if the temperature changing device was already there, then the tunnel was already slightly over-heated purposely somewhat to speed up the process, or lessen the chance of someone hearing them scream during this pre-meditated murder. The murder happened in the summer which also raises question as to why they there was even a temperature heating device at all. Because of the fear, corruption, lack of technology and evidence (hence the name “Lackeys”) within the Chicago PD, the case was turned over to the State Attorney’s office. Then after “the family” blew up the DA’s car during his investigation as a warning, the case just went cold. Did the Cerones’ stop there? Absolutely not. In fact, now his son is a successful attorney, and his grandaughter is trying to become an elected judge…? It’s so nice for them that they got to have such a pampered privledged life while my mother got to receive hand-me-downs from the Boxleitners’. Pat C. Cerone and his daughter Jill Cerone are direct inheritors of my burnt dead Grandfather’s blood. While henchman Mr. Lackey, son Jack C, Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo, and Don “The Wizard of Odds” Angelini were sippin Alize and smokin Cubans, blood was squirting out of my grandfathers ears because his brain was starting to boil. I don’t know if your Nephew/Son did something personal to you to piss you or the boys off, but it really shows hatred and a lack of empathy when someone has so much power that they don’t have to show consideration for someone they never knew. My grandfather was a dedicated hardworking father that was a little league coach, and had no time for crime, thats why we knew he was’nt involved in thier bullsh*t…, unless Attorney Jack C. Cerone knows something else? The depression I had to witness as a child from my mother (who learned of her fathers death on the radio at 8 years old) has been gutwrenching. I never knew my grandfather, but was blessed by knowing his lovely wife (my gram) for 12 of my years during her short 63 year life. Jackie Cerone got to live into his 80s and even got out of prison before he died. My grandfather’s blood is on someones hands in your family. I’m sure its the Jacks. Jack P, you are a f*cking coward piece of sh*t that is shy around the media. Geez, I wonder why? You were exposed to a lot as a kid I’m sure, but I don’t beleive for a second you evolved into a scrupulous person. Seems like you and your family are the same. It’s all about you you you. Jack C. Cerone, you owe my family MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars in restitution you rich motherf*cker. If ever questioned on this, I’m sure you would give the same excuses as Saddam Hussein did about being too high up the food chain to be responsible for you and your father’s actions. No amount of money you have would ever heal what you and your daddy did to my family, and no charity donations, fundraising or good deeds would ever erase your families’ murderous qualities. I am writing this story out of frustration, sorrow, and aguish. You all deserve to be burned to the fourth degree. You could never be forgiven, because you would never admit to wronging my family. Writing this story is NOT closure for me you sick cannoli f*cks. Although the eyetailian mafia has seperated like spaghetti and hot water and morphed into Snooki and the Situation, I really wish my frustration would yeild even more disrespect. I’m still personally calling upon Peter Fitzgerald to bring justice to my family and this is the only way to get someone to listen! Peter, don’t hold my insults against me. P.S. The apple doent fall far from the tree…DUH!

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