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Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj is a sex maniac and a rapist

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Published: 23 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

After Asaram Bapu, more allegations have surfaced against Kripalu Maharaj. A person who goes by the name of ‘insider’ for the fear of his life, has sent in the following note:
“I was an insider (I mean a real insider) in Kripalu Maharajji’s organization. I was extremely devoted to him and to his organization and had many spiritual experiences and great spiritual insights. I later found out that spiritual experiences arise out of your own sincerity and efforts and have nothing to do with the so-called guru or teacher. After all, God or Krishna (call him what you will) is still there, and He responds to sincere seekers regardless of how big a fraud the teacher is.

My heart was broken and I was annihilated when slowly but surely, the fraudulent nature of Kripalu Maharajji’s mission became known to me. There were many, many examples of corruption of the mission that came before me, before I took the extremely difficult step of renouncing this teacher and organization. I could write a book on this, but I’ll simply sum-up some key points for those of you that have an open mind on such things. Trust me (actually trust yourself), without willingness to stand-up for the truth, you will never get anywhere spiritually.

1. Kripalu Maharaj definitely has an obsession with sex, although he teaches others that there is no ‘anand’ in this world. There have been many instances of very creditable reports and charges against him. Most of these are from very good and sincere people that are bastions of the community and really sincere to God. However, modesty, embarrassment and the fear of a powerful organization that could hurt makes them hesitate to speak out. The father of the girls from Nagpur that took the case against him all the way to the Indian Supreme Court was a rare and very brave exception. This father could have settled easily for large amounts of money that Kripalu’s organization would have been too willing to pay to end this case. That he and his daughters fought and are still fighting for justice shows that they are not motivated by money or fame. They just want justice!

2. This is how it works today. To sit in Maharajjis presence, to touch his feet, to have coffee with him, to drink charanamrit and even to be hit by his slippers means that there is a charge. They call it ’seva,’ but basically nothing is free. Have a chappal hit you and enjoy the ‘grace’ of ‘chappal seva, ‘ then pay $100 for the privilege!

3. However, there is one special ’seva’ open only to women. A secret ’seva’ called ‘charan seva’ that is free. For this, Maharajji’s preachers take all the unknowing women into the room where Maharajji is lying on his bed. The lights are dimmed and the women surround him and press his body. The most attractive women are positioned around his pillow and within reach of his hands. The lights are then turned-out completely, giving Maharajji the chance to grope the pretty women close to him. If they do not pull back, they are invited to stay behind!!

4. Maharajji’s children and grand-children often travel with him at the cost of ‘devotees’ donations. Their slightest wishes, no matter how materialistic are again fulfilled at ‘devotees’ expense. Huge sums of money are raised through ’sevas’ with little if any accounting of where it goes while no expense is spared for the ‘divine family.’ Any spiritual person can tell that this family is quite materialistic and have no spiritual virtues. Maharajji himself is driven around India in a Mercedes.

5. Brainwashing is accomplished by telling ‘devotees’ to not read or listen to any other teachings and to limit their association with only ‘devotees.’ Maharajji wears special scents to create the impression that his body exudes divine fragrances and the entire field of senses is used to create the aura of divinity. His publicity department is the most professional and his preachers claim that he is the most divine descention ever, greater even than Krishna or Rama!

6. In Trinidad, Maharajji’s organization is called Radha Madhav society. It’s head in Trinidad is called Didiji. She is yet another fraud whose last organization in Oklahoma had to be shut down because of many sexual allegations against her and her relationship with Kripalu Maharaj. Even her web-site was erased so that nothing embarrassing about her would come out.

Does this organization do any good? Well yes, probably the hospitals in India (I think) do some good and if ‘devotees’ use the temples of this organization only to help in their own search for God they are indeed benefited (once again, because of their own sincerity and efforts). But if you get too close, your pockets will get picked and your efforts towards God will be changed to efforts for and only for Maharajji. Also, please keep your women out of his room!

Is this organization uniquely corrupt? Oh no! All Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish, Parsi etc organizations are corrupt to a large degree. Buddha said that ‘I point out the moon to you and you turn around and worship my finger!’ As soon as the truth is spoken, the followers start corrupting. But in this case, this has gone much too far and too many wonderful, well meaning people who have given everything for God have been badly hurt! Have no fear of speaking out! See how bravely the woman from Guyana has spoken, and earlier how bravely the father and girls from Nagpur have too! Please do not further victimize these victims by saying that they want publicity or want to strike a deal. These are great, brave women whom I salute!

God cannot be separate from the truth, and the truth is that Maharajji is a fallen saint (not an eternal one). There is no joy in saying this, but rather sadness. It is a sacred duty to truth and dharma.”

There are also other numerous stories around him that exist on the net. I think its time when Kripalu talks to these in an open platform and resolve the differences.

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