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Published: 23 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Remember me? Tina Lane probably your first victim!!!!! My mother married Marty Spillman, Marty and my mother got into some legal problems and my mother had to go to jail for a few months. During this time I was 12 years old (1989) Marty would pay me to drink until he thought I was drunk he would tell me to go lay down on the couch and of course he is supposed to be a parent I would, I pretended to be passed out and he would rape me everyday until the day before my mom got out of jail which he did wait for a couple of months after she was gone until it started. He did this everyday for about 3 months. He would not allow me to play with my cousin or go to my aunts house, mind you they lived on the exact same piece of land about 10 feet door to door. The day before my mom came home he started questioning me trying to find out what I remembered. When the police came to arrest him for burglary and I knew he was gone I spoke up and told what he had been doing to me. The police came and put a recorder on our home phone and of course Marty called the police put me on the phone and told me what to say I asked him only 2 questions they are as follows. 1. why did you rape me? Marty responded No-one knows the love I have for you 2. What would you have done if I got pregnant? Marty responded I would blame it on the boy down the street. the police had him on tape but I was scared he said he knew people (Friends) that would do anything for him. Marty mailed my mother and me letters from jail (which I have in my possession) where he admits it all and actually said he was sorry. In my letter he blames his drinking and drugs and even my own mother. I will scan and post all the letters if needed I even have my medical records which verifies everything I am saying. I went through years of counseling and sole searching. After many years I am still hurting, I trust no man and now I feel like if I wasn’t so scared and put him away he would have never been on the streets to hurt any other children. This man preys on woman with young girls and is a registered sex offender in Ky. This man took my virginity and tried to destroy any hope for a good future but I have come a long way I work for a great company got my own house and I have a good life but it took many years, I will never forget or forgive what you took from me no appology can give me back my innocense you took from me. Your letters say you are sorry but obviously you weren’t cause you continued to do this to other children. Please look for other posts on this man, I am not the only one. Do not listen to this man and please do not have your young girls near him he is a preditor. .

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