James Mennella

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James Mennella is a pedophile and child molester

If you go on Google and look up what a pedophile is, you might just see that it’s a person who finds himself/herself attracted sexually to children. But what a lot of people don’t seem to know is that it is a psychiatric disorder. And that makes a whole lot of difference. Because these are people who have an actual documented problem.
James Mennella is a known pedophile. He is vile and disgusting. Anyone one who knows him or is related to him is probably ashamed. His fantasies are utterly horrible, if you’ve ever had the misfortune to hear them. He keeps these really old VHS videos in which there are men molesting school girls. These children are only 4!
He buys a lot of content from Native American reservations. He then makes copies and spreads them around through his personal file server. He has a lot of porn images in his hard drives. He preys on young children and has images of children engaging in homosexual acts.
He also has a big collection of guns in his house at New York City. He will brag about this like it’s a great thing.
Keep away from this man. Report him if you have more proof.

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