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James Rick Stinson is a fraud

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Published: 06 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Looking for a business coach? Then James Rick Stinson is not for you.

If you want to dance like a crazy b******, stay up all night. hear to the same old thing again and again, doubt your instincts and listen to lies and fairy-tales then this is the course for you.

James Rick Stinson is a snake oil peddler that can offer basic business advice and strategy that is all. Prior to hitting the mentor circuit, the man was neither a self-made multi-millionaire, best-selling author or a practicing chartered accountant as claimed. He’s a multi-millionaire now though thanks to hundreds of people like me paying thousands of dollars for the occasional articulate dribble and sound bite.

During my time attending his workshops, I learnt about; crowd manipulation, taking advantage of vulnerable people and the behavior and antics of a self-serving, self-indulgent fraudster. Valuable assets if your objective is to build a business with the foundation of b*******, puff and bluster.

My advice, if you are thinking of signing up to James Rick Stinson’s business mentorship programme, invest your money at a casino instead. There you can dance like a crazy b******, stay up all night and play roulette. Odds are you’ll leave skint and maybe feeling shithouse but at least you will know why.

Next time I hear about James Rick Stinson he will most probably be the head of the UN for curing AIDS, brokering peace in the Middle East and ridding the world of nuclear arms. Then I will have to accept he really is The Messiah and retract this report.

Till such time don’t be fooled.

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