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Published: 13 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m posting here in the hopes that I might be able to protect other people who come into contact with James Verbic, or at least warn them of who they are dealing with. If you are considering doing business with him or trusting him with any amount of money, you are seriously putting your business and your money at risk. Mr. Verbic and I were involved in an ATM business together a few years back. I met him while servicing an ATM I was contracted out to repair at a merchant’s shop. He walked into that shop and we started up a conversation. He was very professional, and I have to say that he is most definitely one of the best “salesmen” I have ever metWe ended up forming a partnership/friendship and things were proceeding very well with visions of us bring ATMS to a national audience. I brought people that I trust—people who are extremely well respected in their respective fields—into the business in an effort to bring fruition to our idea. The wheels started to come off when I sent one of those high level people to talk to investors in New York. The meeting did not go very well as the CPS’s in the room. Apparently the numbers we had received from James were simply not correct, and it became clear that they had been “massaged.” Needless to say, this meeting was a huge embarrassment for my colleague, and reflected poorly on all of us. Of course, mistakes do happen, so at the time I trusted that this was all the result of honest mistakes. In hindsight, I don’t think it was. Moving forward, we together had secured two large ATM accounts here in our home state. I was loading the ATMs on one account, and he was loading on the other. To make this arrangement work, I had to open a bank account and include Mr. Verbic on the account. It turns out this was the worst thing I could have ever done in my business career. First, he apparently took money from two women living in Florida, and deposited that money (unbeknownst to me) into that account. Those women sued him and got a judgment, and their attorney attached that bank account, freezing all of my funds in the account. Needless to say, when that money is needed to fund ATMs, this was a business crippling problem. After a lot of work, I was finally able to prove to the attorney that I had nothing to do with that transaction, and that my account should not have been used for those funds, so I got my name cleared and the bank account released, but not until after a huge loss to my business. Unfortunately, things got worse quickly. He next started to write a NUMBER of checks for random amounts for cash against another bank. All told, he wrote checks totaling OVER 100K. When those checks predictably bounced, it caused that joint account to go negative to the tune of 118K with all of the fees and whatnot. He admitted he had done this, but he said it was just a mistake, and I believed him. This was clearly a bad idea–but like I said, the guy is one of the best salesman I have ever met. Of course, he never made good on those checks, and has now killed off that company. All in all, my bad decision to do business with him ended up directly costing me over $XX,XXX. I hope that, by telling the facts about my business dealings with Mr. Verbic, I can help other people avoid making the same mistakes I made. .

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