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Published: 21 July 2017

Posted by: Kelley J. Cohen

[email protected] – That’s the ID from which I got an inheritance scam message. This is what it said:
“Dear ____, thanks for your message. I have contacted you because you have the same surname as my late client. I’ve been trying to find his relatives, without success. I didn’t want his money to go to some unscrupulous person and I didn’t want it getting claimed by the finance firm either. All I want from is for you to stand as a next of kin. I need you to be the beneficiary to the unclaimed estate of my client.
According to the inheritance law, the next of kinship isn’t limited to relations of the dead. It isn’t bound by parental relationship either. It is by choice of the benefactor that a benefactor is named. This can be done formally in a write up, or informally as a secret to the beneficiary. The beneficiary could be his business partner, kinsmen, well-wisher, relation or friend. Based on the above truth, I would like to present you as the next of kin of my late client. Supposedly, the apparent next of kin also died with him.
I want to assure you that all the original documents that will be needed in a transaction to name you the bonafide beneficiary and next of kin will be legally and duly obtained and issued in your favor and name. I don’t know you, but I am certain you will be human enough to be honest with me, for trying to bring something tangible into your life.
The finance firm summoned me and asked me to look for the next of kin. That was when I contacted you, so that my late client’s outstanding fund could be released. If this fund goes unclaimed, it will simply be split up here among the board of directors, who are corrupt to the core. I am the attorney in charge of bringing forward the next of kin, and whoever I bring forward will be accepted. Since you bear the same surname, everything will be legal. All I ask for is mutual trust at this point.
I suggest that you take 45% of the fund, give 10% for charity and give me the remaining 45%, as I am the presenter and representing attorney of the whole transaction. I would like your consent for the above ratio. I will also need your full name, sex, address, fax number, age, profession and telephone number. I will submit these details to the firm, to get the routine process started, with you as the sole next of kin. However, I will need your maximum cooperation.
Best Regards, Jason Anthony.”
There was also a telephone number given: 00228 96141696

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