Jason Elliott Clark

Jason Elliott Clark

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This individual named Jason E. Clark or Jason Elliott Clark, past names Graham, Terry was born /1971 and currently he is using another name is Martin Clark. He speaks with light Bristish accent. He claimed he was from UK ( Wales ). He is 6’4 tal with green eyes, high hair cut. He appears clean, neat, well speaking with gentle conduct. He often wears long sleeve dress shirt, looks like well educated, high maitainace individual. | He claimed he is a book writer, working at “Loft Literary Center” in Minneapolis as student advisor. He claimed he was single and had no family members in America. He might have claimed with you that he had over half of million dollars “inherited trust funds” from late parents but the “trust funds” were under processing. | He was waiting for these funds to be posted into his accounts. While waiting for the “trust funds”, he might need money for personal needs, book printing and traveling for book promotions in New York city or many other places. | Jason/Martin claimed he has high blood pressure, severe depression due to grieving with loss of his parents, needed therapy services but all out of network payments. Therefore, he needed instant money to pay for those expenses. Also he needed a better car because he “had terrible car accident, he wanted a safer car”. | He might have claimed he needed money to pay for his income tax of current year. But the “trust funds” were on hold by Revenue, therefore, he could not have money and borrowed from you. However, he never paid and kept on using many excuses and even asked for more money. Or he asked you to invest with him in opening a bar, pub and book career investment as I was tricked into his schemes. | Also if he said ” I can make fast money in Las Vegas with $20,000 per week, get me at least $3000-5000 stake money I will guarantee to bring you back $20,000″. If he had told you his father died in UK and he needed money to go to UK, you were swindled. He was not from UK ( Wales ) and his father did not die in UK. | Also he claimed he IS SINGLE, had 2 homes for renting in Shakopee. He would never let you know where he lived with excuses severe depression he IS NOT comfortable to have people over his “house”. So if you have been dating him but he only came to your place but refused to take you to his “home”. | Do you know why? Because he had lived with a woman – his “second or third girlfriend”, who he landed his new schemes since he just got out from federal prison year 2014. He did not have a home nor a car. This poor woman is also another of his financial fraud, identity theft victim among with many other women in his life time. | If you have been with similar situations like this, please do not hesitate to contact your local police Detective and let them contact Shakopee Police. This will help you not losing more money for this criminal. I encourage you stop listening to his sweet talks “such as love you or marry you” or “will be paid with lump sum, $5k, $10L, sizable amount this day, that day when the money posted from trust funnds or gambling”. | He will never pay you because he is a pro con artist. He has nothing but huge debts. He has been doing this financial fraud, swindling money from people for living since he was at 24-25 years old, now he is almost 49 years old. I am a direct victim not a second hand “over heard” from gossip stories. I want to help the Authories to get more witness and more evidiences to bring this criminal to justice. | He had been in prision a couple times with the same felony charges bank fraud, identity theft. He did not care comimg and out prison. Soon he gets out from prison he continues to do his “job” because he needs money for living. He never cares how painful, stressful, anxious you are after you lost your lifetime saving, your college funds for your children, because he has no heart, no emotions, no sense of human but devil in human body. | I have experienced all. Soon you are out of money he will move on to a next victim or has already had relationships with other women while he has been with you. | He did not work for any Loft writing center nor a book writer. He did not want to work and earn money honestly but want a lavish lifestyle by scamming, swindling money people for living. He did not want to work because he has huge debts with previous criminal charges, child support debts and credit cards debts. | If he works the goverment will garnish his wages. Therefore, he does not want to work so he does not have to pay. Where does he have money for living? He steals money from people especially from single mothers, single elder women, even married women who are not happy with marriage, who have business and lifetime saving or inherited money from parents. He steals your money to pay for his expenses and gambling, drinking addictions. | I have lost a lot of money because he worked with me as my supervisor so I trusted him, invested money in him. He used many schemes to lure my money. I relied, beleived in his statements that he had $680,000 inherited trust, $120,000 book contract, $30,000 grant from American Writing Program. None of these were true. All of these were his baits to lure money. | I am doing this to prevent more women who may have been or are being with him, you have to be aware, stronger and stay away from him as soon as you can. He is very cunning, manipulative and mentally abused women even physical if you ask him to pay you back consistently. He will hurt you. He can come up with any excuses, sweet talk, promises to pay you with “good interest, handsome rewards”, “will be good partner in business” and even sway you more money while he did not pay a penny. | If you have been swindled money but you were prefered by your local police to take him to civil court and you gave up due to legal fees too much, do not give up. You can contact this kind and ethic lawyer “Mark Carpenter” at Carpenter Law firm. I have to thanks to this lawyer he found the criminal records of Jason E. Clark. He will work with you to help with paper work. | Also call Shakopee Police Detective Schneck. He is a very good detective. He will do his best to bring this kind of con men to justice. He has been working very hard to investigate Jason E. Clark. | I create this report and hope that if you are dating, talking, involving with person and he has borrowed money from you for reasons as I list above, please stop involving with him and contact the police because if you keep listening to him you will be in big debts, or even lose your house. | See his most current photos | Beleive in God and Karma are real. Be strong, do not let this convict takes your money anymore. | This is report is accurate because I have been in this situation.

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