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Published: 06 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

JASPER CONTRACTORS TREATS THEIR EMPLOYEES LIKE WHIPPED DOGS METARIE, Louisiana Jasper does a good job of defending their “Good-Name” and justifying what they are doing but the truth is that they work their employees 70 hours or more per week minimum, expect you to do the paperwork after the 70 hours are done and then tack on meetings to attend which makes some days 15-16 hours long. The pay averages about $8.00 per hour and you are treated like an idiot. Most of their managers are just “HYPE” men who tell you how great the opportunity is but the facts are…. “IT JUST AIN’T SO!” In the first week on the job, eight people were hired and 4 quit before the week was out. The only ones left were the losers and the rejects which couldn’t find a real sales job out there anyway so it was a perfect fit for them. They try to target good “Missionary” types who are clean cut and willing to work like dogs. They cheat you on the paycheck and just like any other sales organization they have one or two guys who they help to succeed so that they can say….”see, you should also be making this kind of money, if you want it, work harder!” Any real salesperson should not take this job. This is a stupid opportunity and I left it for a job where I am making $78,000 a year and I do get to go home every night at 5 PM and I do get to be with my family and Jasper doesn’t treat me like a whipped dog. Also be aware that Jasper will ship you out to some God-forbidden city far from your home and you don’t get to come home and see your family or friends ever again. Their average new rep doesn’t see their family for over 6 months or more and if you fail, you are stranded half-way across the country and have to pay your own way to get home. Beware this job since they will fire you if you can’t or don’t make them their money but your money will always be crappy. I was one of the top sales performers in the first two weeks on the job and over 80% of those jobs sold were never installed so they made great excuses on why things didn’t work out but then this same scenario existed for their top sales people too. Jasper will have their people who will write the rebuttles but be aware that this is the truth. You can’t sell roofs and make $100k per year on a consistent and predictable basis. You won’t get to see your family and you will be living in a one room hotel room for the rest of your life with Jasper owning your “A**” so unless you want to sell your soul to the devil for $8.00 an hour, forget JASPER! For those of you who are homeless, have no family, no life and have no other opportunity available to you, Jasper is the perfect home for you. You get a truck, paid gas, a GPS, a cell phone (which is their way of owning your life) and a meager pay check every other week.

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