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Published: 09 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

As a concerned citizen, I am submitting this to inform the public that the said named individual, first generation Amercan, Berkeley graduate, professional gambler, having majored in economics, Henry Wang, born to Korean parents, parents residing in California, mother in Tracy, CA and father in Lodi, CA, while he lives temporary in Bakersfield, CA. is a PROFESSIONAL CON ARTIST!! He steals money from women, especially single mothers. He preys on them and pretends to like them, he pretends to be interested in them and then charms his way into their purses, pocketbooks and wallets. He convinced me to go visit him in California where he stole merchandise from my hotel room and returned it to a higher end luxury store and then got the money that I paid for the items in cash, put onto his visa card. He then convinced me, not sure how still, to give him $1K, I believe he drugged me and then he also stole $1K from my bank account where he did a wire transfer. He pretends to care, plays the game well, tries to become the caring business associate until he is able to befriend enough people in your circle to then convince your own circle that you are crazy. He comes from a previous network marketing company. He goes around saying he left ACN to join Javita when if fact he was deactivated for fraudualent transactions too. I am submitting this so others can carefully look at their associations with this man because he clearly is very great at stealing other people’s hard own money. .

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