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Published: 28 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Run away from Javita coffee/ thom bowman ASAP!!! This company almost killed me! I was introduced to this company 7 months ago with the promise of being healthy by doing what i was already doing, drinking coffee. Being a 36 year old male 10 lbs over weigh with no health problems who goes to the gym 4 days a week said sure why not. That was my first mistake. With in the first 6 weekd I started experiencing a few differnces in like rapid heartbeat, a little dizzness. First thing i did was contact my friend who sold me Javita Coffee. He mentioned that we are all getting older are bodies are always changing. A few weeks later my wife noticed i was a little more easily agitated then normal plus I got a few, i thought random, chest pains. Well 2 months after that i had a heart attack at work and went down. Rushed to the hospital where they gave me a full work up physical. The doctor asked me if I had been taking any suppliments. Once i told him about the Javita Coffee. He went over how the combination of caffenie and herbs (yerba Mate, garcinia Cambogia) was beyond unsafe. That the amount of caffenie and herbs that Javita puts in the products is what most likely caused my heart attack! I have had an outside company do research on the products which they have found to be unsafe and have hired an attorney. This company almost killed me with it’s products, making money and not caring about what they are doing to people. Now I not only have to take Javita to court, but my best friend. This will most likely ruin him financially. Javita is horrible and if you are selling their products you could be killing people. .

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