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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

These 2 fake companies were able to fraudulently get over a $1000 from me by using REAL information that was possibly stolen from other real collection companies. This was a real debt I was trying to settle for my son – but they were not real attorneys or even a real debt collection company – they stole an attorney’s identity and used his name to compel others (and me) to pay their old debts. That means that there is a high probability that many have paid these fake companies and think their debt is paid. The victims will only find out the truth when their credit is run and the debt is still unpaid. As I only caught on before it was too late, but would have never known if I hadn’t stirred the hornets’ nest and pursued them. | And it looks as though they are running this scam from different states, maybe even out of country. I believe they will rename these companies soon as I have reported them to the Attorney Generals offices in both states, but I am trying to get the word out there so other people know these criminals are not real debt collectors, nor are they represented by any real attorney. | They have different staff members using the names Samatha Ried, Abigail Myers, and there was a man but I didn’t catch his name because he was yelling at me over the phone after he found out I called their “fake” attorney, and that attorney called the fake company and confronted them….so he said “I will see you in court”, and slammed down the phone on me….he was very angry. | Please be careful when dealing with Debt collectors even if they look legitimate. I have dealt with many debt collectors when helping people pay off their debts and this is the first time I got taken – as I let my guard down a little bit because I was tired…..big mistake.

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