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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On or around 11/4/17 I bought a 2010 BMW 550i GT from them. I put $10,500.00 down The dealer told me the car was pristine and in great condition. The check engine light was on but he said it was because they had fixed it and it needed to be driven several miles and would automatically go off. They had me sign the paperwork on the 4th but I couldn’t take the car that day because they needed to get the ck engine light off, get it inspected and get the air bags fixed. This was probably a ploy to have the car be mine for several days before driving it and finding the problems out, | The price of the car was $17,998 but they increased the price to $21335 because of my imperfect credit. Joseph said the car was valued way over that. I loved the car and agreed to it. | On or about Nov. 11 they told me in a text, I could pick up the car. A few miles later the check engine light came back on, an “URGENT warning oil must be put in car immediately” warning note came on and the warning light came on. Also, a notice about a washer fluid leak came on. I called the dealer(Joseph), they told me it is normal for this car to need oil often and just to put oil in it and it’ll be fine. I had to put oil in the car a few times and the Urgent Warning came on several times. On or about the 12th I brought the car back to them with a written list of issues(I have attached a copy) including the check engine light, warning light etc. On the 15th I sent Joseph a text and told him I’d be in on the 17th to pick up the car and he said they should have all of the services done(also in a text). On the 17th Joseph text me and said my car was ready with the exception of the cleaning. I got the car and within a few miles the lights, Urgent warning etc were on. I text Joseph and told him the list was not completed. He texted me back and said he is not suppose to fix the cars, that things will happen and I should begin a relationship with a mechanic. In our next phone call he assured me that the check engine light should go off after several miles are driven and just to have oil ready to be put in it. Before I purchased the car, Joseph told me that his wife had driven the car for months and it had no problems. He said, “ I would not put you in a car that I wouldn’t put my family in.” He also text me that day and said that cars will have minor flaws and that I bought it as-is and they only were trying to hel me because I was nice. | I drove the car Very rarely because I have a company car for my job that I’m almost always in. Every few miles that I drove it, the URGENT notice about oil came on and my friend put oil in it every time. | In December, I was at a work Christmas party and I was talking with a few car fanatics that I work with. I was telling them about the car and the lights and problems and the oil issue. They both were taken back and had me repeat what I had been doing several times. They said there’s a very large problem if the car is taking the oil, there’s no sign of a leak on your driveway and you’re having to do that, that often. They made me promise I’d take the car in to get looked at asap. | I took the car to BMW and it cost me $300.00 to have it assessed. BMW gave me an estimate for right over $12,000.00 to fix the car. They also gave me a synopsis of the problem(attached) where they state: “To properly fix the vehicle we would need immense teardown and parts cost. The cost to repair this vehicle with all the oil leaks, consumption and check engine light would most likely be equal to the value of the car itself.” When I let Joseph know the findings he referred to it as “nonsense” and tried to downplay it. I persistently asked him what he was going to do to help me with this because as of BMW’s assessment, they warned me against driving the car more than a few miles. After several days, he told me to come to his dealership and we’d see what can be done to help. I was thrilled that he was going to take care of it as he should. When I got to his dealership he first stated there’s no way it’s that expensive of a problem. He also state that it’s normal for those cars to use a lot of oil. He then asked me to read a blog post about oil usage in BMW’s and said if your problem compares then we know it’s normal and if it’s worse to you then it’s something BMW will take care of. I told him my car needed oil every few miles. That it’s insane how often we have to put it in. He told me to take the car to the only mechanic that has ever worked on the car-Adam at Eurocharge in Round Rock. After he looks at it we can figure out what to do next. He said he’d talk with his warranty company about putting it under warranty and taking care of it because they’d do anything for him. I went to Eurocharge that day. Adam agreed with BMW’s assessment and explained to me and my friend that it made sense that I was having to put oil in it that often and that I didn’t see signs of a leak. He said he didn’t need to look at the car, that he already knew what the problem was and said it’d be somewhere around $11,000 to completely fix. He agreed it’s not normal and driving it would be a bigger, more expensive problem because it will get worse. I called and texted Joseph several times after this conversation and he has not taken my call nor responded to any of my texts.

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