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Jeannie Rose

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Published: 25 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On January 18th, 2019, Lingling Martin of Jeannie Rose watches and Ko & Martin translation services hired my photography studio to photograph her line of watches on models. | Lingling Martin signed an electronic contract for her Jeannie Rose Watches photoshoot via Adobe e-sign and paid a retainer of $1200 for planned shoot dates of January 29th and January 30th. | Almost immediately, Lingling became difficult to work with and became worse after meeting me in person and seeing that I am an African American male. | Her comments were disrespectful and she would send up to 10 emails a day, every day, asking nonsensical questions. She was obsessed with duplicating the images produced by MVMT, a company valued at 60 million dollars. By contrast, Jeannie Rose watches are a different style completely; adorned with dozens of rhinestones, with bright, gaudy colors and extremely low sales. | A couple of days before the planned photoshoot dates, Lingling Martin demanded to move the shoot dates for Jeannie Rose Watches to February 4th and 5th. | This is not usually allowed, as we block off our calendar for specific shooting dates, but I was shocked to discover that Lingling Martin had not yet even hired the models, did not have a shot list and was a complete mess. | I relented because I did not want to produce work for Jeannie Rose Watches that I would be embarrassed by and agreed to move her shoot to the 4th and 5th of February. | Lingling then demanded another reschedule to the 5th and the 6th, because it was raining (please keep in mind that this was intended to be an indoor shoot at our photography studio and rain should not have mattered). | Lingling Martin then demanded a THIRD reshoot for Jeannie Rose Watches, again using the excuse of ‘rain’ and when I reminded her that we were shooting indoors, she expressed a weird concern that our studio would lose power. I then reassured her that we have battery backups for all of our strobes (this is how we are able to shoot outdoors) and it would not have been a problem to shoot, even if power went out temporarily. | In reality, what had really happened was that Lingling Martin was working with a modeling agency called Brand Talent and had been spending weeks harassing them, going back and forth hiring models and then firing them, then rehiring them, only to fire them again. | To say the least, it was bizarre behavior and after the attempted third rescheduling, Brand Talent dropped Lingling Martin and Jeannie Rose watches, because of her unprofessional behavior. | upon hearing this news, Lingling Martin’s behavior became increasingly erratic and she claimed that there was some sort of bizarre conspiracy between our studio and the modeling agency. | She then defrauding her own card issuing bank and filed a chargeback, claiming that she had no knowledge of the charge, despite having a signed contract, credit card authorization form, dozens of emails and even security footage of Lingling Martin on camera in our studiom, which may be seen here, in case any part of this story is in doubt:!AqHDcQ66f_Evm9Q7ypZx3GQ0QqFwqg | Please keep this in mind before conducting business with Lingling Martin in any capacity, be it with her Ko & Martin translation service, or Jeannie Rose Watches. She cost us thousands of dollars between rescheduling over and over and her fraudulent chargebacks.

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