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Is Jeff Berwick a Bully?

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Published: 02 September 2019

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Jeff Berwick is the founder of Anarchapulco a freethinker/libertarian conference, held in Acapulco, Mexico. While researching whether to attend in 2019 (the conference was held in February), I came across some websites indicating there had been a murder of an attendee. Out of respect for the individual, his name will not be listed here. But, it got me thinking and researching a bit more about whether or not I should attend.

When I typed into YouTube: Jeff Berwick scam, I found a video of a young man who formerly worked for a company Jeff Berwick co-owns called The Dollar Vigilante ( The man was younger (maybe early 30s) and appeared to be a Mexican man. He had a take on a negative experience with The Dollar Vigilante and Jeff Berwick. He also mentioned that he taught in/near Acapulco, Mexico, and indicated it was not a safe place. He gave examples as to why. I believe he was honest and transparent with his testimony.

Back in say, July, I sent this video to Mark Passio from \”What on Earth is Happening\”. Mark Passio formerly had tension with Jeff Berwick due to not receiving his audio files from the Anarchapulco conference the previous year. Mark was a speaker at this conference.

When I searched for the YouTube video warning Acapulco, Mexico wasn\’t safe, it was removed from YouTube. Why? Did Jeff Berwick
bully the young man who made the video? I wonder if he will ever read
this and help us figure this out.

Mark Passio is usually very stern and speaks with conviction – thus, when he said he was not returning back to additional Anarchapulco conferences, he meant it. At one point, he had a video of this up online, too, lamenting about his lost audio from the conference.

Then, all of a sudden, an organization called The State of Anarchy tries to meddle with Mark Passio\’s firm decision not to attend anymore conferences at Anarchapulco. Lo and behold, you can see a video here where Mark Passio publicly tells this organization he accepted an apology from Jeff Berwick ( video: about the lost audio. He then stated he would attend the Anarchapulco conference in 2019.

Did Jeff Berwick orchestrate this change of heart in Mark Passio? Mark Passio is usually very firm and it is difficult to change his mind. He has strong convictions based on decades of deep research into metaphysics, The Occult, The Federal Reserve etc. Why would he all of a sudden publicly discuss this misunderstanding? Why did he need another organization to \’help\’ him? If he felt really moved to make amends, would he not do this on his own channel, on his own time, at his own free will?

Is Jeff Berwick afraid of anyone who says anything that is remotely counter to his management style or who mentions honest concerns for conference safety and honest concerns regarding his follow-through with post conference materials such as Mark Passio\’s audio? Is Jeff Berwick a bully?

Seems way too sketch.

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