Jeff Wages - A Services, LLC

Jeff Wages - A Services, LLC

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On July 21st Mr. Jeff Wages answered an ad on Thumbtack web site to remoldel a older house in Memphis. He told me how he could reduce costs and maximize value and then quoted me a price which seemed reasonable . and I agreed to use him. I had him furnish me 3 references who told me that he did what was contracted to do for them. | I asked him to put together a time-line of work to be done and correlating draws to be sent based on work done. He asked for 1/3 down for materials which I agreed to. The total price of the job was for $25,000.00. This was to include a new roof, gutting the house and replacing the electrical, sheetrock, flooring, hardware, fixtures, new back deck and appliances. | Two weeks into the job he told me that there was no HVAC and that to put one is would be $5,000 but that I had to pay it right then in order to secure a HVAC contractor who agreed to do it at that price. | Unfortunately, I agreed and wired that to him. After a few weeks he requested a draw and took a few strategically placed pictures to show the “work done”. I wired him the funds. This went on for several more weeks until we got to the point of the balance of $4,500 was all that was left to be paid. He stopped answering my calls and texts. I had a guy go check out the work done as I live out of state. He said that drywall had been installed, mudded and tapped but that the electrical didn’t look right and the flooring was only started. He suggested I get another reputable contractor in there to inspect. | I did so and to my utter dismay the contactor told me that just about everything done to that house was shoddy, half done or wasn’t done at all. The electrical had not only not been done but sheetrock was installed over the recepticals and where the switches should go. A huge hold in the floor of the bathroom was found with plumbing not connected. There was old house materials all over the front and back yard as well as inside the house. Mr. Wages never had any HVAC do any work on the house either. | I had an electrical contractor go in and he said nothing was up to code at all and that all the sheet-rock would need to come down and all new electrical would need to be run, new circuit breakers, panel, etc. | No permits were ever pulled despite needing to have done so. I repeatedly asked Mr. Wages if permits would need to be pulled and he said no. After getting a plumbing contractor and several General contractors in there it is determined that I would need to pay another $20,000 to make the home in sellable condition. | My warning to ANYBODY reading this and contemplating on using Mr. Jeff Wages from Coldwater MS is to NOT use his services! You will be sorry in the end. He will take your money, do horrible work, come up with excuses for the delays and leave you hanging in the end! | I will be filing a lawsuit against him when the home is finally sold. It will be a massive lesson learned for me. I required and insurance certificate which he furnish only to find out that his insurance lapsed and he never paid to have it back in force. | This whole experience had made me sick! Mr. Wages address is 109 Spring Run Rd. Coldwater MS 38618. Stay as far away from that guy as you possibly can!! Feel free to contact me about my experience if you want to know more. Guys like him make the whole contractor industry look bad!

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