Jen Vogt

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Jen Vogt is a manipulating, gold digging bitch

Jen is a complete gold digging bitch. Along with digging my husband she ended up digging other two men, much older to her. She was having an affair with my husband, and to be frank, my husband is almost 20 years older to her, enough to be her father.
She drained all his money that we needed for our kids wedding. I found out she was also draining two other men and their money. She told all three of them, the same story. That she loved them and she wanted to either move in with them or marry.
Somehow her targets were men older than her, by at least 20 – 30 years, nothing less. All she wanted was their money, cars, house, bank accounts, etc. I doubt if this woman was looking for anything else outside all this. She asked all of them to take their wife’s names off the property and other entities, she even asked my husband to put her names on his bank accounts, etc. Not only this, she also asked the other two for the same, divorce, bank accounts, money, house and cars. That is all she aimed for. I have never come across someone so sick and pathetic. Dating men her father’s age, what could be worse! She is a manipulating gold digging bitch!

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