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Published: 11 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If you are fit physically it helps you maintain your mental health as well. Eating healthy food and keeping yourself fit helps you to maintain stress and fight illness. Exercising regularly can work wonders and help you maintain the perfect body you always wanted. I had gained a few pounds recently and I wanted to hit the goal of getting my ideal body. So I was looking for a fitness centre and someone recommended to me Jeremy Scott fitness. I have always loved working out but after joining this centre exercising is the last thing I want to do in a day. The membership fee is just too expensive. It is not the kind of fitness club where people with an average salary can train themselves. You need to have a lot of money to waste if you want a membership at Jeremy Scott Fitness. They don’t bother to give you any nutritional advice when a combination of a good diet and working out only can make you hit the goal. The staff is not active and very slow in giving a response or attention. They should increase the number of trainers because with such little staff it becomes impossible for them to give individual attention to each of their customers. Jeremy introduced me to intermittent fasting and after following that diet I have been suffering from low sugar level and my heart sinks with weakness from time to time. Some of their workout routines are too intense and my whole body is in pain after doing the 1-hour session of it. Jeremy’s 47-day workout program is a total scam and it doesn’t give any extraordinary results while the charges of this program are sky-high. The group workout is boring and they don’t even help in losing an inch because they are just too slow and boring. Every time I go to the gym there are some types of workout plans with no versatility. Repetitive moves and programs are so annoying that the workout is not fun anymore. They don’t even guide you with your postures and don’t instruct the low and high impact modification all the way through. The workout that is for their boot camp clients is too intense and long and it is not possible for people at an early level to complete it. It is a challenge to even get done with 30 minutes of the boot camp workout. My muscles are sore after doing 15 minutes of this workout. When I complained about the intensity of the workout, Jeremy called me ‘weak’ and labelled me a ‘dummy’. Jeremy is never available to attend any client individually before or after class and if you must see him then you have to pay for an extra consultation fee. Jeremy Scott Fitness is a total scam and should be shut down for its bad services. It would be so much better to jog around your house if you are looking to do a workout than to waste your time and money at Jeremy Scott Fitness.

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