Jernigan Orthodontics

Rookies and unprofessionals!

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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Zion

We went to them with my 11 year old daughter who was now in middle school and came home one day and simply declared that she would not be wearing her braces anymore. Apparently, some of the other children in her class were calling her names as she was the only one with braces in her year. We decided to take her to Jernigan hoping they would have some specialized treatment that would not require her to wear braces anymore, especially as we came to know they had special provisions and treatment for youngsters. Now we just think we should have been firm parents and insisted that she wear her braces. We were recommended a procedure that we were told would completely straighten her teeth and give her the perfect smile, without any need of braces or even invisalign. They would only perform a small surgery and realign the teeth in her gums and a few days of liquid diet was all that was required. At the end of it all, all we can say is that our daughter suffered from bleeding gums for more than three days after the surgery. She was in immense pain and her teeth still looked crooked. To top it all, we were told that the slight crookedness would be straightened only if she wore braces for another six months or so! We were completely taken aback and demanded a refund which they promptly refused. My daughter was taken to another dental specialist who gave her medication for the swelling and bleeding and he had to perform another procedure after a couple of months to undo what they had done and thankfully, my daughter is finally happy with how her teeth looks. It is better to go to a conventional dentist before trying out new age procedures from rookies without knowing about the pros and cons.

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