Jerome M Weiss, MD

He just wasted my money. So avoid this guy.

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Everett

This guy wasted months of my time and a whole lot of my money for no reason. Even after making me undergo a number of tests, he couldn’t give me a proper diagnosis.

I used to be a patient of Dr. Weiss for some time. I’ve never visited his clinic after my horrible experience. I had visited the place after I had found out that I had vulvodynia. I visited his clinic and waited there for quite some time. I believe I waited there for around 30-40 minutes past the time of my appointment. But I didn’t think it was that bad because I had read a lot of praise for Dr. Weiss. Let me inform you beforehand that I suspected I had vulvodynia. When I discussed my issue with Dr. Weiss he told me to get multiple tests done. And that’s what I did. After a number of tests, he told me that it was unclear to him what was the reason behind my vulvodynia. I asked him for some cure but he told me that we first needed to locate the reason and then we can properly solve this issue. To be honest, I trusted that guy. I didn’t think he’d be foolish or ignorant. He gave me some painkillers to hang on to.

He made re-take a number of tests, he even did a number of Pap smears for the sake of accuracy but all of it was inconclusive. Instead of accepting the fact that he has no idea about my condition, he just increased the number of painkillers I was supposed to take. That seemed weird to me because painkillers weren’t supposed to be my treatment. When I asked him about them he told me that he’d need to study my case for a while and until then I should take painkillers. He did this for a few months. After some time he had even forgotten that I had undergone multiple tests. He asked me to take the tests again but when I asked him why he told me that he needed to confirm something. I did what he asked and again, I got no results. It was really irritating because by then I had spent around 4 months getting treated by Dr. Weiss. It was clear to me that he didn’t know anything about his field. Either that, or he had grown too old to handle such cases. So after wasting a whole of my money and time, I stopped going to his clinic.

Now I’m getting treated someplace else and now I’ve found out that I don’t have vulvodynia. Instead, I have pudendal neuralgia. This guy doesn’t know anything, anything at all. He is a fool running a clinic where all he does is prescribe painkillers. If you’d ask me, I’d never recommended the services of this guy. I’d suggest you avoid Dr. Weiss and find some other doctor who knows more about urology and the pelvic area.

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