Jerry Silvano Louisville Recreation Center

Jerry Silvano Louisville Recreation Center Review

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Published: 20 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a graduate of Monarch High School and when I went to the Receration Center recently I observed this bald headed guy walking around the track several times looking at all the young girls. Even though he looked Cuban or Hispanic I didn’t want to assume that he was the janitor. He looks like Mr. Clean on the cleaning bottles. So one day when I was working out, he expressed to me that he was a registered sex offender and that he couldn’t talk to young girls under 18. I thought that was funny, and why it explained he was staring at all the younger girls all the time. Then one day I was walking back from school and I saw Mr. Clean near the sidewalk and he whistled at me and I waived for me to come and talk to him. Then I noticed that he had a hard on so I turned around and ran back to the bus stop. I contacted the gym director and they thought it was funny. The director stated that Jerry is not the janitor but actually a personal trainer. The director indicated that walking around the track veryy agreesively and staring at young girls is actually not a form of harrassment and intimidation, but moreso a very intensive workout. So I went back to the gym, and I noticed Jerry with one of his Clients a very overweight man, So I said this is right- the best way to work out. Jerry did not bother me this time. So three weeks later I went back to the same gym at the same time, and well I saw the same overweight guy- and well he was more overweight than he was three weeks before. So it looks like Jerry’s aggresive stalking staring diet isn’t working out for his Client. Could it be that Jerry is using his position to stalk and sexually harass women in the gym. Far be it for ex-Boulder cops to partake in this behavior. Well now I am far away from Louisville, and one day when I come back on leave from the Navy, I won’t go to Cuba for a naval blockade- I’ll get some good ole sailors to take of him. Maybe this will be a good diet for Jerry himself.

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