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Published: 07 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Jerry Snyder, a Real Estate Agent in Orange County, CA, saw my decent ad offering to be a live-in cook and yet he continued in emails and in real time conversations to lie repeatedly. After giving me his address to go see the room & bathroom for me, he didn’t turn on the front door light, he later said he was sleeping (it was 7pm when we spoke and I arrived at 7:30pm), he didn’t tell me he had a housemate as I asked for a SWM who lived alone and wanted either live-in cook or dining companion. Jerry said he was lonely and kept asking me over and over and over what did I want? I said the same thing each time and repeated my ad. I think Jerry is looking for sex or sexual favors as my experience has shown me from the other replies from the other creepy men on Craigslist have proven. Many are too afraid to be truthful about wanting sex with a stranger so it’s very bad communication. These men don’t respect themselves or others as Jerry clearly showed he didn’t. He also sent me a picture indicating it was his house and when questioned he said it was a Client’s house he was showing for an open house. I commented on the wall of mirrors. When a woman came to the front door and said there was no one by that name. I repeated it again and said…Jerry Snyder gave me this address as his. She said, “Oh, yes, Jerry Snyder lives here.” I don’t know what the game was totally, but then I went to move my car as had it pulled up to shine light on the long pathway nearly the whole length of the house to the front door. Jerry opened the garage and came out. He was old, short, ugly, looking 75 or 80 although he said he was 59 in a call, and asked me, “what are you looking for” and then stumbled over his own feet for several minutes. He couldn’t stand up and kept tripping over his own feet. He was stocking footed and said he’d been sleeping. Who sleeps when they invite someone over to see their house and meet them? Everything about him is unprofessional, unkind, disrespectful and I WARN EVERYONE NOT TO USE HIS SERVICES AS A REAL ESTATE AGENT AS YOUR HOUSE PICTURES WILL APPEAR EVEN ON CRAIGSLIST, YOU WILL NOT BE RESPECTED OR TREATED PROFESSIONALLY.

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